Join us on March 29 at 2pm at CIC Headquarters in Toronto.
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Hey Friend,

Over the past few weeks, you've signed petitions, and spoken out against the Harper Conservatives plan to uproot migrant workers that have lived, worked and formed relationships in Canada for over four years. 
Mainstream media has begun to take notice and as April 1st draws closer, actions are being organized across Canada. In Toronto, we are meeting on March 29th, at Citizenship and Immigration Canada headquarters at 2pm in Toronto to seed justice. We will be planting small seedlings that you will be able to take home. Can you support this action by publicizing it and attending with your colleagues and friends? 

As a recent Ekos poll showed, racism and anti-migrant sentiments are rising. In response, we must join together to refuse a revolving door immigration system and to call for full immigration status for all. Your participation is critical to this fight in the months ahead. 
Toronto: March 29, 2pm at Citizenship and Immigration Canada headquarters
55 St. Clair E. St. Clair and Yonge – St. Clair subway station) RSVP on facebook

As you know, as of April 1, 2015, all migrant workers in Canada in low-waged jobs and on Temporary Foreign Worker or Live-In Caregiver permits will be barred from working in the country for more than four years. All those that have been in Canada more than that time will face mass deportation. They will also be banned from returning to work in Canada for four years. Those that choose to stay will become undocumented. 
Please sign our petition and share it on facebook, and twitter

These changes are effectively a mass deportation. These rules will tear apart families, friends and communities across the country. Migrant workers pay tens of thousands of dollars to come to Canada and work at minimum wage jobs to provide an opportunity for their family; so that their children can go to school; and to have a better life. The 4 & 4 rule strips away migrant workers’ dignity, forces workers already in precarity into further uncertainty, and imposes discriminatory and arbitrary barriers on how long workers can stay here.

That these migrants have worked in Canada for four years proves that their jobs are permanent, not temporary. These friends and community members deserve permanent residence, not deportation. This 4 and 4 rule entrenches a revolving door immigration policy, employers can simply replace current with new workers.

Over the last two years, we have also seen migrant workers pitted against unemployed citizens and residents. Yet, none of the Conservative ‘reforms’ create a path to a better life for the over 1.3 million people unemployed in the country. Employers are simply able to bring in new sets of migrant workers on precarious status, while provincial laws exclude them from protections.

The only real path forward for all workers – irrespective of immigration status – is to call for right to permanent residency on landing, full labour rights, social protections and decent pay for all. Migrant workers and their allies are calling for actions across Canada in the lead up to April 1st and right up to the Federal Elections in this spirit and to oppose divide and rule tactics. Join us. Let's turn the tide. 

Syed Hussan

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