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Hilarious Jon Acuff Got His Dream Job

One of the great blessings in my life, other than my good looks and charm, is that I get to do what I love for a living. I love being a speaker. I love being an author. And when people laugh, I love being a humorist. It sometimes feels like I don't have a real job. But more than any other job I've had, if feels like I make a difference for others.

Are you in a dead-end job? Do you hate your work? Do you wish you were doing something else every day? Do you wonder why an orange is called an "orange" yet a grapefruit is called a "grapefruit" rather than a "yellow?"

What is keeping you from your dream job? Fear? Finances? Confusion?

Jon Acuff is an expert in overcoming these barriers by pursuing his dream and making life better for others along the way. After eight jobs in as many years, he left his “real job” to become a writer and speaker. But he will be quick to tell you that those are just titles. The focus of his work is really about helping people.

Jon grew up as a PK, a pastor’s kid, and after seeing the way we Christians behave, he decided to start blogging about us (and he IS one of us, by the way). He got the inspiration from a site called Stuff White People Like. So, his named his blog Stuff Christians Like and after only a few days the blog was getting huge numbers of readers and eventually became the basis for a best-selling book.

Stuff Christians Like is both frighteningly accurate and hysterical. For instance, Jon describes the process of holding hands during a prayer and how uncomfortable it is when the person next to you holds on too long or squeezes your hand afterward. And, as he further explains, it’s totally inappropriate to interlock fingers during a prayer unless you're holding hands with your wife.

It is this unique and quirky perspective that thrust Jon into a very successful career. That, and a finely honed writing style.

Today, Jon is part of the Dave Ramsey team. Dave is a widely heard national radio host and leads a team of authors, speakers, and experts who bring hope to others, often by helping them get their finances under control.

After the success of Stuff Christians Like, Jon wrote two more books. The first, called Quitters, chronicles his journey from dead-end day jobs to his current work. The next, called Start, helps readers escape average work by pursuing awesome work that matters.

Jon’s work is the epitome of Do it Well. Make it Fun. He demonstrates the convergence of those principles in everything he does.

In order to achieve this level of excellence, Jon is very focused on his goals. He humorously and articulately writes actionable ideas that will help people get unstuck in their work lives and personal lives. To keep him focused, he regularly asks himself, “What action will this (his writing and speaking) cause for someone else?”

You can read my blog on Jon’s writing process (I.C.E.) here: Ron's Jon Acuff Blog

I believe there is a dream job for all of us. Unfortunately, we sometimes get stuck in a job because it was either where we landed or it was what we thought we wanted to do. The longer we stay in it, the harder it is to imagine anything else and to break away from the security of the familiar. And yet, if we are able to transition to a job that matches our gifts and skills, our work becomes our passion. And when our work is our passion, it doesn't feel so much like work.

Jon Acuff has achieved that passion and now he helps others find theirs. That's what I call Doing it Well and Making it Fun.

(You can explore Jon's blogs and books by clicking on the links in the Resources section below.)

Jon Acuff Quotes from Twitter

"Least manly thing I've done this year? Argue with people during the Super Bowl about Betty White's career. We all shredded our man cards."
"Just saw a snow plow in Nashville. I wonder where the other one we have is this morning?"
"Ray Lewis accused of using deer antler as a performance enhancing drug. Hate to hear that. Deer antlers are a doorway drug to unicorn horns."
"When folks who aren't charging sit by a charge station at the airport & block it, I'm able to recharge my iPhone with my anger."

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Just Plain Funny

A man in Washington state bought a personalized license plate for his car that reads: GOES211. For fans of the movie Spinal Tap, you recognize this as a reference to the band's amplifier that "goes to 11." However, a man who saw the license plate complained to the state because he felt the plate was "in poor taste" referring to a part of the driver's anatomy. Wow, some people have way too much time on their hands. You can read this hilarious article here: License Plate Complaint

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