To Candidates for JCTA/KEA Office:

Dear <<First Name>>,

Congratulations on your decision to run for <<Role>> <<Position>> to be the change you wish to see in your union. The Kentucky Alliance Education Committee of
The People’s Agenda supports transparent, democratic and reliable election processes within outside organizations with ties to our public schools.

Founded in 1974, The Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression is Kentucky’s oldest and most respected organization fighting for racial justice in our community. In 2002, in anticipation of the further degradation of power and voice that our most marginalized community members would experience as a result of the city/county merger, several dozen grassroots and progressive organizations and individuals came together to form the Coalition for The People’s Agenda.

The nominating committee invites you to seek an endorsement from The People’s Agenda.

Just as we have done in previous elections, The People’s Agenda works with Kentuckians for Real Options as our political action committee (PAC) to endorse candidates (including school board, state and Federal elections), to take a stand on issues (as we did in support of the JCPS tax increase), and to raise funds to support these campaigns. Additional donations to support our campaign efforts are always welcome at

The Coalition will make the following items available to endorsed candidates:

  • a telephone and email script to build your phone/email tree,

  • access to a master database of names, schools, phone numbers and home email addresses,

  • access to campaign volunteers who will follow-up with your list of supporters as election day nears,

  • personalized, branded marketing support with your own $400 budget,

  • 10 #ItsOurTimeJCTA! yard signs to put in the yards of your supporters or wherever you choose, and

  • your own soft, red #ItsOurTimeJCTA! Long-sleeve t-shirt. (Please let us know your size by completing the volunteer sign-up form by 1/20/21).

Endorsed candidates must share the vision of The People’s Agenda Education Committee, which includes:

  • transparent, democratic and reliable elections conducted by organizations and committees that serve our public schools,

  • fully funded teachers pensions, including new hires, utilizing accurate and accepted accounting measures and projections,

  • racial justice for all students, and in particular Black, Brown and marginalized students living in West Louisville; and for all educators, but in particular Black, Brown and marginalized JCTA members, and any educators who have been targeted when standing up for racial justice,

  • other concerns that have been raised and continue to be raised through open and transparent meetings that are conducted and shape The People’s Agenda, which is a coalition made up of 13 committees, including Education, led by the oldest and most respected association committed to racial justice in Kentucky, the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. (You may recognize some of the work that is currently being done around educational justice as part of our #EARNThePeoplesVote campaign, as well.)

  • for meeting archives, agendas, and additional information about the history and accomplishments of the organization, please visit

To be considered for an endorsement from the Coalition for The People’s Agenda Education Committee’s 17-person decision-making council, please click on the button to complete the form. Be sure to check the box to indicate that you are a candidate. Additional questions will pop up, asking you to confirm that you share the vision of the Coalition and why you are seeking our endorsement. Please submit your information by January 20, 2021.

Request Endorsement

Endorsements may also be made based on candidates’ public platform statements. Your participation in this process, should you choose to take the additional steps to submit the form to ensure your consideration, is completely anonymous.

Please direct any questions regarding the above to The People’s Agenda Education Committee Chair, Gay Adelmann, by phone at (502) 565-8397, or via email at You may also contact JCPS teacher, JCTA member and JCTA Board Candidate, Ivonne Rovira at (502) 439-1441 or via email at

IMPORTANT: Please respond from a non-JCPS email address.

Thank you and good luck!

The entire “It’s Our Time, JCTA!” team!


You’re invited to join the Kentucky Alliance People’s Agenda Education Committee meetings every Monday at 4:00 PM via zoom. To request a link to the meetings, email

Past meetings and agendas are archived on our website at

Copyright (C) 2021 The People's Agenda Education Committee. All rights reserved.

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