Is it storming in your life right now?
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Life is like an ocean!

By Caroline

Life seems to be made of waves. Sometimes it’s up, and you’re riding the crest; other times it’s down, and you might end up head-over heels in the sand; then there are the times in between … the calm.
Does it seem that there are times when “things” keep happening, issues are piling up, problems are showing up right and left, leaving you overwhelmed and wondering how you’re going to handle it all? I know I experience it, and I’m plunged into one of those “waves” right now, where it’s just crashing on top of me. But, just as I started thinking, “Why me? Why now? I’m tired of all this. When will it stop?” I noticed all the good things showing up in the midst, unexpected and exciting things, that I almost didn’t pay attention to. I wondered if these events could it be linked.
So, I looked at how I was responding to all the challenges, and I noticed that lately I’ve tackled them in good spirits. I remained aligned to my Core Values and was authentic to my true self. I didn’t get upset or complain. I recognized them for what they were …  it was life occurring. The rewards and the challenges, the highs and the lows, riding the crest of the wave and … well, I think you get the picture. The other thing that stood out was that I was very much in action solving problems, so the momentum was able to build, and this allowed solutions to show up. It really works!
It’s easy to get upset when it seems that issues keep showing up, but what if we looked at it from a different perspective, while being authentically ourselves? That’s what life is, right? Ups and downs, joys and challenges, all mixed together. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? How can I grow from this experience?” My favorite is, “How bored would I be if life were perfect?” Honestly, wouldn’t you get bored of perfection after a while?


So, I learned through this chaotic time, that if I stay true to myself, I’m actually good at solving problems, and, it would seem, that I actually enjoy taking on a challenge … or two. I have learned to trust myself and know at my core that I can do it! (If you have been at one of my workshops on Energy Leadership™, you’ll recognize an Energy Level 5 in action, mixed with a healthy amount of 6 that trumps the desire to fall into energy 1, as well as a good squashing of my gremlin … yay!)
To keep me mindful of all this, I have printed a beautiful picture of ocean waves crashing on a rock. This reminds me that life, like the ocean, is full of ups, downs, crashes, spills, calms and storms, but if you can remain the rock, it’s all so beautiful and exciting!
Be a rock, enjoy the waves. This is your life, occurring as it should, so make it count.

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