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A chance to do things differently!

By Caroline

This newsletter is a bit on the personal side, but I think many people face similar challenges. I hope that by sharing my goals for doing things differently, you will be inspired to do the same.
Summer is here, and for me it’s a special time when I can re-connect with my parents and other members of my family that I don’t see often. Such joy, such anticipation, such … mixed emotions, too.
Being back with people who knew me when I was young, inexperienced and foolish sometimes can feel like trying to fit in old clothes that have shrunk considerably … I also find myself triggered easily by old buttons that I thought had vanished during all my intensive self-work. I guess not.

But if I look at it from an anabolic (positive) position, it is a time for great opportunities as well. It’s a time when I can address old patterns, dismantle ancient reactions and shine with all my wonderful womanly self-expression. I have a chance to do things differently, to alter my future.

This is a time for me to remember last month’s tips and apply them when triggered:

- Stop
- Breathe deeply 3 times
- Get present with my core values and find a way to express them in the moment
- Smile
- And... react differently!

So, instead of reverting to old behaviors, I will welcome the opportunities – when they arise – to do things differently! And, when I am successful, I will give myself kudos and be amazed at how grown up I have become …

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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