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Reclaiming my integrity!

By Caroline

Boy, I thought I’d never get this newsletter written. For the last two weeks, I sat at my screen with a vague idea of what I wanted to discuss, but to no avail. Writer’s block?

And then last week I realized I was out of integrity. (Integrity is a pesky little bugger that prevents things from happening or getting accomplished when it is broken.) I was not in tune with some small integrities, ones that I could easily fix, and one big one that I didn’t know how to fix. So of course, I tackled the small ones … maybe that would be enough, and I could “forget” the other one and carry on. Maybe it would go away by itself? Mmm, right …

Even with the small issues handled, nothing happened. My universe was stuck. Okay, it won’t go away by itself, and I can’t push it under the carpet. The pressing question was, “How do I repair this?” I had to have a difficult conversation and risk hurting someone’s feelings. I don’t like having uncomfortable conversations — they activate one of my gremlins: “If I don’t play nice, people might not like me anymore …” But if I don’t say what there is to say, then I am out of integrity, momentum gets blocked and I don’t honor myself.


For a week I mulled it over, trying to find the best way to bring up this conversation. But I was missing something, an important component … and yesterday it hit me. I needed to take responsibility for my part in this, raise my energy from being self-righteous and pissed (level 2, for those of you who have taken my Energy Leadership workshop) and ground myself in level 3, taking responsibility and accessing forgiveness. As soon as I did this, the answer was there! I needed to start the process by apologizing for my lack of communication and for responding poorly. Once I did, I was back in my energy level 5, creating a win-win situation and regaining my precious joy and playfulness (energy level 6).

And so it went. The conversation wasn’t hard at all, and I felt so relieved and free afterwards! I had regained my integrity and honored myself, while leaving my friend feeling complete.

Since then everything is clicking back into place and I’m back in my zone … and I found my inspiration for this newsletter. It still amazes me, however, that I can easily see it in others so I can help them, yet it’s so hard for me to see it in myself. Ah, the importance of having a coach :-)

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