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By Caroline

First, let me wish you a happy new year. May you go for your dreams and overcome any challenges that get in your way. May you feel fulfilled and empowered, having grown from experiences during this past year. May you experience gratitude, love and happiness on a daily basis. And, may you create the life you want to live!

As I’m looking at what I want to create for 2016, I decided I will continue to “play bigger,” since it was a powerful challenge for me in 2015, presenting many opportunities for growth. Among other things, stretching beyond my comfort zone allowed me to tame my gremlin and record a podcast. The experience proved very rewarding and was a lot of unexpected fun. I’d love to share it with you: "How to be a Bigger, Better, Faster Version of Yourself"

I will also work on reducing my need to be right and focus on letting go of some control. I have noticed it’s blocking me from experiencing peaceful interactions, and it’s time I tackle it (that should keep my coach busy for a long time…). My year will be about Empowerment.
What intentions would you like to declare? How about writing it down in order to ground it and make it real? Also, feel free to share it with me, so I can “hold it” with you: (I will, of course, keep it confidential.)
Here is a nice “Declaration of Intention” I found at my YMCA, in case you’d like to use it as a guide:
“This year, I will __________.
I will let go of ________ & embrace ___________.
I will honor my _________ and love my ___________.
I will stand up & share my _______ with the world!
This year, I will remember that I am loved and I am enough!!!!”

And as always, should you like some help with your goals, I’m here for you!

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