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By Caroline

I often suggest to clients that they start a gratitude journal and write down at least three things they are grateful for each day. On a difficult day, it can be as simple as a hot shower or a good cup of coffee. The idea is to realize that our glass is half full and to search for the positive in all life circumstances.

Making a conscious effort to focus on the positive on a daily basis can help us shift our thinking. Instead of giving into the negative influences around us — gossip, news events, poorly behaved people — and being disappointed because our expectations haven’t been met, it give us the chance to create a space in which we can get happily surprised by the good things in our life. The more you practice this in your daily life, the more possibilities will present themselves … possibilities for more joy, fun and happiness. Before you know it, life occurs as an adventure, as an opportunity to learn and grow.


Today is Valentine’s Day. This seems like a good opportunity to look at our life and the important people in it, to drop expectations, and to let them be who they truly are and appreciate what each brings to the overall picture. It can also be a time to notice all the good things that happen when we are being our authentic selves. Time for gratitude.

Right now, I am most grateful for the overwhelming amount of support, trust, love and generosity that surrounds me. And for the amazing experiences in my present life, because no matter how difficult it sometimes seems, it is also exciting and fulfilling.
So remember … be authentic … be mindful … be grateful. Life is much more fun when you realize that the glass is half full!

Thank YOU!

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