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"What's Next?"

By Caroline

Last month I talked about the importance of discovering your core values and aligning yourself with who you truly are, allowing you to have ease, freedom and joy in your life. So now the question is, what’s next? What follows this?
Once I discovered my core values, life opened up and presented opportunities I might have missed in the past. “Things” seemed to fall into place smoothly, and I was empowered and self expressed. However, I started to look at what my purpose in life could be.


I thought about this for a while. I knew I wasn’t destined to end hunger or cure cancer … nothing that “big.” I couldn’t see what I was supposed to bring to others. One day, at a seminar, I mentioned this. The group started to laugh. “Really?” they said. “You don’t know?” And suddenly, like a flash, it hit me … I was “joy!!!”

My purpose in life is to bring joy to those I encounter, to be the spark that helps them re-ignite their light, their passion. After thinking this was too simple, too small, I realized how important it was to others, to those who connected with me … I became aware that my joy could be contagious.
Now, on to “What’s next for you?” What is your purpose in life? It is very special, because it  reflects you and your core values. So, how do you determine what it is? You can start by asking yourself the following questions:
           1)  What does “more meaning in life” look like for you?
       2)  How does it align with your values?
       3)  What are you passionate about?
       4)  What do you naturally bring to others?

Are you ready to let your own light shine? To actually do what you are a natural at doing? This is your life purpose. This is what you provide to others. Once you determine your core values and make the decision to align your life with them, to follow your heart and passion, then you can live your life to the fullest while making a difference in the lives of others.
If you’d like some guidance through this process, I would be thrilled to help. It’s what I do best, I’m a natural at it, and I adore it! For information about a session, please visit my site at
Have fun with the work, and have a joyous day!

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Here is what Valerie had to say about our work together:"I found the Core Values exercise very enlightening and liberating. The "inner" me was there all along, but had been buried under what others thought was important or ‘right.’ This exercise re-introduced me to my ideals, my priorities for living a full life."

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