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"New Year's Resolutions..."

By Caroline

First, let me wish you a happy new year!
Did you make any new year’s resolutions? I know I did. This year, I again decided to transform my body and have a bunch of muscles. And, as soon as I did, I heard that little voice in my head saying, “Who are you kidding?” The point is, it’s not that I can’t do it, but that I’m not willing to put in the effort necessary. I know this, so what’s the point of repeating last year’s failure? I already know the outcome.
How many of us set unattainable goals and then get disappointed and blame ourselves when we don’t reach them? This year, how about honoring who we truly are by expressing our core values and doing what we enjoy and having fun doing it? Let’s look at what is positive in our lives … those things that work for us, that make us happy.  After all, that is our ultimate goal … to be happy and content. Then, let’s eliminate the negative – those things that don’t work – and focus on the positive.

I finally took my own advice. I looked at this issue and concluded that what I really wanted was to be healthy and fit. Now that sounds more like me. But what do I mean by healthy and fit? For me, it’s about feeling good and flexible, fitting perfectly in my favorite clothes, and feeling energized and peaceful. How do I get there? By exercising (doing only the things I like); eating well (playing with fun recipes); sleeping enough and waking up on time so I don’t get stressed and start yelling at my daughter; and meditating to re-energize and feel peaceful. All this will contribute to my being and feeling healthy and fit. And oh, I forgot, going dancing with my sexy husband ;-)  Now that is an attainable goal! Now it’s time to develop and follow my plan. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get a bunch of muscles in the process, but it no longer is the goal.
Now it’s your turn. Define what you really want to accomplish, make a step-by-step plan (keep the steps small in the beginning), and tell someone (or many, like I’ve just done). Sharing your “resolutions” with someone else will help hold you accountable. Now go for it! Trust who you are, be authentic to what you want and know that you can accomplish it.
I wish you an authentic, self-expressed, joyous and empowered 2013!

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