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It happens for a reason

By Caroline

I was reminded today of a couple sayings that I particularly like: “It happens for a reason” and “Whatever happens, happens.” What I like about this is the knowledge that if we’re experiencing a particular event, it’s because it has to happen. How do we know this? Because it is happening now!

When I am faced with something that I don’t like or understand, I try to step back and view it as a learning experience and take the opportunity to grow as a result. Looking at it from this perspective allows me to look at what can be learned from the event.
It takes away the stress and focuses on the facts. Also, if you trust this process, it’s conducive to getting in action, creating momentum and watching what can come out of the experience. Sometimes the result is related, sometimes it’s not even close.

As an example — a while back we were contemplating moving, so I got in action and did all the research necessary for me to face this with ease and grace. I had to overcome doubts, fear, uncertainty, lack of knowledge and various physical obstacles. What came out of it wasn’t a move, but the purchase of a vacation/investment home in Florida. The thought came to me out of nowhere, but within three weeks we had found our house and bought it. The getting in action around one project created a catalyst and a new opportunity showed up we only had to grab it. And now, if one day we need or want to move, I will be ready, with all my research in hand.

Today I am researching another big project. When I noticed I was filled with doubt, uncertainty, questions and even anxiety, I realized I was attached to a particular result, and therefore I was blocking the flow. So again I had to let go, allow the outcome to be however it would be, and know that the result would be the perfect thing for us. All I need to do is keep moving forward and trust the process. This quest is the perfect thing for me to experience right now. I know it because it is happening, and I know it’s teaching me some valuable lessons, like being patient, trusting, letting go, and not being attached to a rigid result. Will it happen? Maybe. Or maybe it will be the catalyst for some other amazing opportunity to show up. Who knows? In the meantime I will keep learning and experiencing … and waiting to see where it leads.

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