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Be true to yourself

By Caroline

This Valentine’s Day I was reflecting on what makes my couple and my life successful. Many things come to mind, but if I really look, I realize it started with me.
I have had my share of failed relationships. I wanted to learn from them and grow, so I invested a lot of time into introspection and reflection. Through coaching I discovered who I really was (my core values) and started aligning my life to fit my values. I started to like myself.
The more I expressed who I was, the happier I became. I met my wonderful husband and continued to be myself and do what I loved. It created a space for him to be who he was and do what he loved.
This allowed our couple to become stronger and more expressed as a result.


Today I understand that true happiness comes from within, that you create it daily, and that it isn’t linked to outside circumstances that can be easily altered. You find it in gratitude, in acknowledging who you are and in celebrating yourself and what you’ve accomplished.
So, here is my recipe for happiness:
Find your values, be who you truly are, do what you love as much as possible, cultivate gratitude and celebrate life. Be happy now. Be happy today!

Create your happiness!
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