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"Happy Places"

By Caroline

Good afternoon!
This weekend my daughter was telling me about her “happy places” where her mind goes whenever she wants to escape. Most of them come from her imagination, places she created while playing a game, and some are derived from a beautiful picture she has seen. She said she goes there whenever she is stressed, sad or just bored. It sounded genius!
Her sharing suddenly reminded me of my childhood “happy places,” real or imagined, and I realized that I rarely think about these anymore, unless it’s part of a guided meditation, which I seldom do. But why not? Why not incorporate them into my life again? Why not use them the same way I use my Core Values? Why not make them a part of my mini meditations? Just as my daughter does, I can visit my “happy places” whenever I’m stressed, sad or bored.


And that started me thinking about our dreams and aspirations? It seems like we tend to push them aside, so focused on our busy lives, until one day something sparks a memory:  “Oh, I always wanted to …” What have you put on hold? How would you fill in the blank?
So, why not make “one day” today? Spring seems like the perfect time for fresh starts. What happy places can you remember and use again? What dreams have you put on hold that you can start creating?
Happy Spring! Happy fresh start... with my special Spring gift!

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