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Creating my "Happy Summer"

By Caroline

Summer is fast approaching, and for me that means the end of school, the end of our usual routine, the reorganizing of my business while being a full-time mom, the scheduling shuffle, and then … vacations and visiting family. In summary, there are many different balls to juggle with different ways of being.
Every year, I dream of a fun summer time, where I am easy going, carefree and connected with kids, friends and family; however, I often end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed, with no time for myself. So, what is in the way? Are my expectations unrealistic? I expect things to be smooth, fun and easy, and when events contradict my dreamy vision I get disappointed, upset and react poorly. And, really, that’s what expectations do … they set us up for disappointment when things don’t turn out the way we had in mind. And with that realization, I can change my attitude, adjust my way of being.
If it’s just a question of my expectation not being met, I can look at how I interact in the situation and what I do to contribute to the issue. I can use what I know to do … be responsible for my way of being and be true to myself (center on my Core Values and be sure they are expressed). By taking a step back, taking a breath and not taking it personally, I can approach the situation with a positive attitude and open mind. In this way, I have a goal to work toward … to be the best "me" in that moment, to be flexible, and, if things don’t go according to plan, to learn from the experience and move on.


Another lesson I have learned is the importance of incorporating “me” time on a regular basis. While most of us know how crucial this is, very few of us tend to ourselves as we should.

And, on that note, I’d like to thank Suzanne Herel from Delaware Today magazine who quoted me in her article "Taking Care of Yourself"
(May 2015). Not only was it fun to be part of this magazine, but to be part of a self-care article was very validating, and it gave me some ideas, too. Thanks to Suzanne, I will be indulging in at least one massage this summer, I will keep exercising (even if in a different manner) and I will add quiet alone time and meditation to the mix. This will keep me balanced, grounded and happy.
This year, I am creating a fun summer, no matter what, and I will stay true to myself. What will you create?

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Since our summer schedules are often more hectic, I am offering a special package to support you and the intentions you create through the summer. Treat yourself to some “me” time in order to help you stay grounded, develop ideas/create new ones, center yourself, share, or keep your coaching inquiry alive.
The sessions will be shorter (20 precious minutes of one-on-one coaching), done over the phone or Skype, and are designed to be rejuvenating and inspiring.

Package of four 20-minute sessions for $99
(good through September 7th, 2015)

(302) 652 1668

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