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"Thank you!"

By Caroline

This fall I have noticed how easily and how fast the busy work of life can take over. Summer vacation ended, kids headed back to school, parents headed back to work, schedules had to be adjusted, new after-school activities had to be fit into an already packed schedule … and, all the tasks that were put off during summer had to be tended to. The details needed some ironing out, but soon a new juggling pattern was in place.
So, with all this going on, who has time to self develop and grow? And why would we want to? After all, it is a lot easier to just get comfortable with what we already have achieved and settle into our everyday routine. I know, I get tempted, too!

But then I see you. You, my wonderful clients, you who wanted to grow, to stretch further, to play bigger games. You who want more, who keep reaching for your goals and are always willing for me to challenge you further. You amaze me. You are courageous and admirable. You inspire me!
Without you I would be tempted to remain in my daily routine, to be content with just being here and letting myself be caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. But because of your motivation, I’m constantly challenged and pushed to grow. You fuel me and allow me to create more, to experience more, to become better, to make a difference. I become the best version of me I can be … thanks to you!
So, I would like to take this opportunity to
thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for allowing me to make a difference in your life. Thank you for inspiring and stretching me. And thank you for making me a better person!
Happy Thanksgiving!



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