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By Caroline

Last month we explored limiting beliefs, the first of the “Big 4” energy barriers that prevent us from making conscious choices and reaching our full potential.  Now, let’s take a look at another obstacle – the assumptions we make.
An assumption is a belief based on a past experience. The premise is, because something happened a particular way previously, it will happen the same way again. When you make choices based on negative assumptions, you are letting the past control your future. Assumptions hold you back because you believe you already know the outcome, and if you “know” that something will not work, you likely will not try. Even if you decide to attempt it, you probably won’t put much energy behind it or be fully engaged in the process, since you don’t truly believe it can work. When you hold on to your negative assumptions, you miss out on many opportunities.


Imagine this scenario: A new salesperson has done five presentations, and no prospective clients have purchased her product. If she assumes that she is not good at doing presentations, it’s unlikely that she’ll put her “all” into soliciting clients. And, when she does visit them, the catabolic energy she carries may actually repel her potential sales … and without realizing it, she has created more proof that her assumption was correct.

Here are some typical assumptions:
      If I don’t do it myself, it won’t be done right.
      I never succeed at doing this.
      I’m no good at interviewing.
      No one listens to what I say.

Because assumptions are primarily based on personal experience, they are internalized, emotional, and somewhat difficult to release. Delving deep to remove the emotion of the past experience may be necessary before moving forward. The main point to remember when challenging an assumption is, “Because it happened that way in the past doesn’t mean I have to accept it as being that way now.”
This month, when you just “know” that something won’t work based on your past experience, recognize your assumption for what it is, question it, and consciously choose to let it go and take positive action.
In the next issue, we’ll go on to interpretations, the third of the Big 4 blocks.

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