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New Year struggle?

By Caroline

This is it … we’re in another new year, and many of us struggle to find what type of resolution to take on. This process can easily bring stress:  What would be reasonable? What if I fail … again? What would look good? What “should” I do?
So this year, in the middle of this world in transition and conflict, how about focusing on the beautiful sentence from Don Miguel Ruiz and start resonating at a higher level?
“The real mission you have in life is to make yourself happy, and in order to be happy, you have to look at what you believe, the way you judge yourself, the way you victimize yourself.” (Mastery of Love)

In order to do this, let’s start by looking at our life and what causes us pain, anxiety, discomfort, stress. Where is there conflict? Where are we suffering? Here are some simple steps that may help:
  • Start fresh by cleaning up and restoring your integrity. Look at what is out of line for you, what needs to be restored. Is your environment a mess? Your desk? Are there relationships that need to be “cleaned up”? What are you putting off, and what is in your way of getting it accomplished? Where do you compromise yourself? Find ways to clean it up, and life will start flowing smoothly again.
  • Try to eliminate your excess of stress (the one you’re left with at the end of your day).
  • Stop negativity from poisoning your life. Keep yourself away from too much news, gossip, and negative people.
  • Nurture yourself by sleeping enough, eating healthily, and exercising regularly.
  • Meditate to get grounded and heal yourself.
  • Start a gratitude journal to remind yourself that your glass is more than half full.
  • Acknowledge what you did well and what you’re proud of, so you can build on that certainty and achieve more success.
  • Practice aligning with your Values. They reflect who you are meant to be, your true self. Doing so will have you experiencing life flowing down river (instead of paddling against the current).
This is my suggestion for this month:  Sit by yourself for a little while each day and see what small steps you can take on in order to nurture yourself, trust yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself. The more you are BEING who you truly are, and the more love and gratitude you have, the more access to joy you’ll have, the more others will benefit from it and the more you’ll be able to transform your world and the one of others, too!

Make it a Happy New Year!

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