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September resolutions

By Caroline

I hope you were enjoying the last month of summer and didn’t mind not getting an August Newsletter. The truth is, I was in France getting reconnected with my family and visiting longtime friends. I decided to take a break and enjoy the moment … or the many moments I was lucky to capture. As it was, vacation went quickly, and too soon it was time to return home and readjust.
But here we are … it’s September again and the kids are back in school. It’s time to adapt to a new schedule and routine. And, it’s time to reassess where we are and what we want next. 


        -         How happy are you?
     -         Fulfilled?
     -         Self-expressed?
     -         Do you live a life of your design?

IF your only job in life were to be happy, what would you need to adjust? What would you change? What would it take? What small step could you take today towards that goal?
For me, I am going to remind myself that my daughter is young, that she is trying very hard, and that I will be more playful with her. It’s one of my core values, and my life runs much more smoothly when it is expressed.

Remember to acknowledge your core values and aspire to express them each day.
I will “talk” to you in a few weeks. In the meantime, happy (almost) autumn!


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