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Rewriting the rules for my life!

By Caroline

Here we are again – it’s almost fall – a time of transition for many of us. Summer vacation is over and kids have gone back to school. Nights are already getting longer. Schedules need to be adjusted. We also have to help our children get back into a routine. Adding to the everyday juggling of work, home and family, we now have homework and extracurricular activities. No wonder the first couple weeks of the school year can be stressful!
But, I find it’s also a
time of rejuvenation.  Just as the kids feel overwhelmed at times, but also energized by new possibilities, I am excited about the opportunity for renewal and growth. And this fall, I find myself reorganizing the house, my office, and my paperwork, and helping my daughter do the same; and like her, I am taking on new things. Oddly enough, I have a renewed desire for learning and discovering. I signed up for a weekend seminar filled with subjects I don’t know much about, but have been interested in lately; I bought thought-provoking books to help me grow and be a better mom; and I just signed up for a class on retirement investing … not my forte, but I somehow thought I would like to learn.

I am spending time looking at how I view my world, what my limiting beliefs are, what serves me and what does not. I try to bring this to my daughter as well, showing her how to get rid of the thoughts that don’t serve her and focus on others, more nurturing ones.
Is it useful to worry so much about details? Does it matter if people say things about you? What’s in your way? How can you be yourself fully and face difficult situations? What ways of being will make you feel empowered? How can you live a happier life? Have more fun? Feel more fulfilled?
If you’d like to explore these questions with me, and share it with your friends, I will be happy to come to you and present my workshop, “Create A Vibrant Life.” Together, we will discuss the
seven lenses through which we see our world; talk about the hidden patterns that keep you settling for “good enough” in life, instead of going for “great;” discover how to get more done with less effort and stress; and rewrite the rules for your life!
Here are the opportunities:
  1. Tuesday, October 4th, 6­–7:30 p.m.: my office in Trolley Square, $35  -  Click here to reserve your seat
  1. Saturday, October 15th, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: my office in Trolley Square, $35  -  Click her to reserve your seat
  1. Host your own workshop in the privacy and comfort of your home. No charge if six or more participants sign up. (Offer good through October 31, 2016.)
    Email me your preferred dates
I hope to be able to play with you soon. And now … back to “rewriting the rules for my life!”

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