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By Caroline

It's January... again! Time to wish everyone a happy new year. Time to make resolutions? Or time to clean things up and start fresh? So my wish to you is "May you make the most of it." Make 2012 as wonderful and fulfilled as you can dream. Go for it, hold back nothing, make it count and do what it takes to reach your goals!
In November, we discussed Self-Mastery and how, by resonating at a high frequency of energy, we attract what we want into our lives with little or no effort.
What holds us back from living the lives we desire? Some people attribute the lack of having what they want to fate – that their lives are somehow “meant to be” the way they are; however,  many people reject the concept of fate because it negates free will. So, we have fate on one side and free will on the other, but what about a third philosophical approach – self fate? This unusual concept helps explain why so many of us don’t have the life we truly want.

Self-fate is the idea that, by allowing our past circumstances to dominate our thought processes and not consciously living in the moment, our “history” ends up controlling our future. We tend to make the same decisions premised on past experiences – good or bad – because they are familiar. Until we learn to recognize those events or perceptions that have a negative impact on our choices and choose to live “in the now,” we cannot change the direction of our future. What self-fate really means for many of us is that a self-imposed fate does indeed exist, and free will does not, as long as we are imprisoned by our past.

Consider a woman with a history of bad relationships who says that she seems to meet the same kind of man over and over. She is unhappy. She complains that men are “all the same.” She believes that she will never be in a healthy relationship. She has had many experiences that created and reinforced these beliefs. It’s no wonder she feels this way. Because she truly believes that all men are selfish, dishonest, and disrespectful, she unwittingly has made herself a “victim” to her beliefs and she exudes “victim” energy. The result is that this energy attracts the type of man she expects to find, and so she has created her future relationship(s) to mirror her past. To shape her future, she must acknowledge her past and change her sense of self in the present. Only then can she move forward in a positive state of self-fate, attracting the positive things that she desires into her life .

The traditional concept of fate proposes that our lives are pre-determined by an outside source. Self-fate, however, is something that we can control. In the next issue, we’ll begin to discuss how we can reprogram our futures so that we achieve our unlimited potential.
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