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The "Shift" and Your Relationship

By Caroline

Last month I was telling you what I discovered about perimenopause, about the rewiring that our brains undergo at this time, and our craving to discover who we are and what we want to do next. (If you missed October’s newsletter, it’s posted on my website at This time of creativity and need to explore is a good thing, a time to bloom!
Unfortunately for some of us, it’s also a time when our relationship may suffer. This need to discover ourselves and experience new things can be overwhelming, especially for mothers who devoted their time as homemakers, catering to children and husband.
If this urge is met with love, understanding, listening and curiosity, this new phase of life can go smoothly, and both partners can grow together and the relationship can be strengthened. However, if it is met by a husband’s reticence to let her create or by trying to restrict her to her previous role, then a clash is likely to occur. This woman is now put in a position of having to choose: continue to be who she was and snuff out her desires and potential, or … explode and rebel!


So, as I suggested last month, this is an ideal time to find quiet moments to reflect, discover who you truly are (Core Values) and expand your communication skills. Now is the time to talk, to create real dialogues with your partner, conversations that come from love and understanding, so he can listen intently, lovingly and with amazement.
And remember … all these changes are perfectly normal, it happens to all of us, but the way it is addressed is crucial. This is an opportunity to create a nurturing, loving and understanding environment, one where your relationship can flourish! And if you’d like guidance through this, it is one of my specialties :-)

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