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Playing Bigger

By Caroline

Do you remember last month, when I declared I wanted this year to be about “playing bigger”? Well, the only thing I’ll say is, “Watch out what you ask for…”

I created this intention, I was fully self-expressed, and I was backing it up by doing the work, just like I always say you have to do. So, of course, it (playing bigger) started showing up. But I didn’t expect it to show up that much! I felt that I wasn’t ready and I quickly became overwhelmed. A couple weekends ago, I even felt panic and fear. Then I heard myself say to my husband, “I can’t do it, it’s too much!” And that’s when it hit me … it was my gremlin talking, and I answered him out loud: “Yes I can do it, I am perfectly able, I just need to take it one step at a time, to prioritize, and to breath.” That seemed to satisfy both my gremlin and my husband ;-)


 So, here I am, doing the steps that work for me (making lists; tackling the top priorities, one at a time; breathing and grounding myself more; organizing my paperwork so it doesn’t become a messy pile) and constantly reminding myself that, “Yes, I can!” I am also using my energy chart to raise how I want to react and from where I want to respond, and I am remembering to be grateful for what I have.

Now I have momentum and it’s creating excitement and fulfillment. I’m having fun. I’m in my zone :-)

What works for you? How do you get yourself out of being stuck or fearful?

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