Do you know your Gremlin?
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By Caroline

Today, I’d like to talk about Gremlins, you know, those demeaning little voices inside your head, the ones that stop you from taking risks and trying new things, under the false pretense that, “You can’t do it,” “You’re not good enough,” “You’re not lovable” or any other conversation that your personal Gremlin might be having with you.

Recently, I had a huge victory over my Gremlin, Gnarl. A client asked if I could have a session with her and her companion; they were in the middle of a problem they were unable to resolve by themselves. I had not done this (couples coaching) before, but have been aspiring to it for some time. Panic!... "Could I do it? Was I good enough? Could I make a difference? What if I couldn't?" (all coming from my gremlin Gnarl, trying to stop me...) So, seizing the opportunity, I jumped in, said yes, and scheduled it for the next day so I couldn't back out. I prepared like crazy — looked at my old notes from coaching training, made my own notes, reviewed potential tools, and the next morning I put it all away. I meditated, grounded myself, took a deep breath when the door rang (and my heart jumped into my throat) and ... it was an amazing experience! The gentleman (who came out of his love for my client, but was utterly uncomfortable) even said that it was, "… the most conversation x10 they had on the subject until now." They left feeling resolved, empowered, and with a new plan in hand, willing and happy to try it. And, I was flying high! That's why I am a coach … to help people resolve problems, feel empowered and find joy. I fulfilled my purpose that day, and I grew from it too. Thank you both for placing your trust in me that day!

So, pay attention to those nasty conversations inside your head, stop your gremlin from blocking you — right in the moment — and go for the experience, take the risk. It will be liberating and exhilarating, and you will learn a lot from it. And if you need help dismantling and silencing that pesky little nag, call me. I’ll be your “Gremlin Buster!” :-)

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