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The Holidays...

By Caroline

Every year stores start decorating and advertising for Christmas earlier and earlier. This year it started well before Thanksgiving!!! And the stores and malls were scheduled to open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, forcing employees to leave their families and come into work! The over commercialization of this holiday was really getting to me … or rather I was letting it get to me. My choice.

So, instead of joining the holiday frenzy, I decided to alter my way of thinking about it. Let the stores operate however they wanted… I chose to focus on the true meaning of Christmas — joy, peace and love. This year I decided to make it count.
Instead of shopping at the last minute and getting frazzled, I started shopping in small increments, whenever I had 10 minutes after doing something else. The result was that it didn’t become overwhelming. I had the time to find things that were actually meaningful for the people in my life … and it was all done in advance, I actually had fun doing it and I was relaxed! Instead of wrapping all the gifts at the same time, I did them in small bunches. It was much easier and more enjoyable. And when it was time to write Christmas cards — which I hadn’t done in a few years — I put some great music on and sat next to my family on a snowy Sunday afternoon to do it. I was surprised to have finished it, enjoyably, and it was a breeze.

What changed? Just my way of being! I made it be about love of family and friends, and I had joy expressed fully. I focused on my values, and I feel happy and empowered now. I am sharing the holiday spirit instead of rebelling against over-marketing. We have a lovely little tree full of lights that makes us feel happy every day when we come home and it’s cold and dark outside. I feel grateful and aware. And I don’t even mind so much the 1,000 Christmas songs playing non-stop on the radio … not quite … well, that will be for me to tackle next holiday season … ;-)
Wishing you a wonderful, warm, loving and peaceful holiday season! Make it count …share your love, experience gratefulness, joy and the magic of the season! 

Merry Christmas!
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