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By Caroline

Here we are. The holidays are upon us, and our busy lives are even busier. How have you been doing with your smiling game? What opened up in your life? This month, I’ll quickly recap how to create your happiness necklace. I will be brief … I know you have a lot to do with the holidays coming.
If things are not happening, if you are upset or down, if obstacles seem too big to overcome, chances are that your Core Values are not being expressed. Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but if you could be in my shoes and see what happens every time I help someone get re-aligned, you’d become a broken record too!
Find a way to express each of your Core Values, right now … and every day, too!
3/ Look at your glass as being half-full. What are you grateful for? Remember, happiness is a choice, a conscious decision.

4/ Smile to the person in the mirror until it gets contagious and your spirits are lifted. You can do that in your car too (just not while you’re driving).
5/ Go radiate your beautiful smile. The more you do it, the more empowered you become and the more you empower others, thus making a shift of energy in the world. Did I go too far here? Well, I believe energy is in everything and IS everything, and since it moves it can shift, and since it can shift, it can alter many things. Remember the pebble thrown in a pond? What happens? It’s the same concept.
6/ Notice what happens in your life when you’re smiling and your Core Values are expressed. No, it isn’t “just a coincidence.”
You are creating your future, and good things do happen for you as a result of your positive (or anabolic) attitude. Life becomes easier, obstacles are surmountable, you stop paddling against the current.
Keep it up, keep smiling, keep expressing, keep noticing the results.
That’s all for now. In January, we’ll look at a new game to take on for the New Year. For now, I wish you much
happiness and joy. Merry Christmas!

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