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By Caroline

Well, I just came back from a family visit over Easter, and I was thinking about what I did differently this time… In the last 2 newsletters, I talked about belittling the ones we love and the damage it can cause, and so I had decided I was going to be better with my daughter this time. Family pressure, judgment, and the weight of my education contribute to make me act differently than the way I want to create in my life now. It’s a clash and I often let myself be derailed.
But this time, I did better! First of all, I
followed my instincts for the decisions that were appropriate and important concerning her. And I made it clear that it was my chance to raise her the way I wanted. I had been meditating more often – a new thing for me – and I felt calmer and stronger. And when she got scared about the challenge she had to deal with (going back to skiing after 3 years off… and forgetting it all, including how much fun she used to have when she was 5…) I didn’t get irritated as usual. Instead, I tried to be comforting and understanding and it worked! On her 5th day, I finally was able to ski with her, to share that with her… a big dream of mine! And we had a good time!

The thing is, it’s not about changing everything at once, but tweaking the way things are in order to create a different result. Acknowledging the way it used to go and my responsibility in it, then acknowledging what went well and looking at how to make it a little better each time. OK it wasn’t perfect, but it was better, and better is the direction I want to pursue… one step at a time, one try at a time. It’s all a matter of perception. So, I choose to look at what went well and to build on that to make it be even better next time.
So, if you looked at something you would love to improve with someone (including yourself), what responsibility could you own and what would you like to tweak in order to achieve a different result?
What small step could you take? What could be created? Here is to “next time!”


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