How happy are you?
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"Build your Happiness Necklace"

By Caroline

"Happiness is like a pearl necklace created one joyous pearl at a time!"
Last month I raised the question: “If your only job in life were to be happy, what would you change?” This triggered a lot of thoughts for me. So, this is the first in a new series on Happiness!
I know I’ve said many times that being aligned with your Core Values is the starting point for changing your life. It allows you to be powerfully self-expressed, and that, in turn, allows you to flow down river rather than paddling against the current. Let’s take the time to look at that theory. Have you ever noticed how things just “seem to happen” when you are on your game, when you’re aligned, when you feel empowered?
Last Monday, I felt tired and low on energy. I gave myself permission to take it easy, and the day was drab and absolutely nothing happened. I didn’t feel productive, creative or very happy.
On Tuesday, I decided to do the things that work for me and make me feel good. So I exercised early and had a quick cup of coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. Afterwards, I was energized, happy and enthusiastic to take on the day. Not only did I accomplish more than usual, but a new client “just” showed up, a problem got solved “all by itself,” a new idea materialized “out of thin air,” my computer “fixed itself,” my daughter was sweet all evening, and dinner was joyous. Coincidences? I don’t think so. When I look at so-called coincidences, they seem to always happen when I’m “on.”

I believe these positive events occurred because I chose to shift my energy in the moment. When I decided to begin my day with things that were important to me—express my Core Values—the rest of my day fell easily into place. It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? And yet, we know it is so, we all have experienced it at one time or another; we simply need to remember to honor our values, moment by moment, choice by choice.
If you decide to do the things that work for you, that make you happy, that align with your true self, then, instead of paddling against the current you will flow effortlessly down river. In that moment, your immediate future is altered and, solutions show up, ideas materialize and life operates more smoothly.

Yet, we keep saying “it’s not that easy …There are bills to pay, conflicts to resolve, painful events; and, there is no time to do the things we want to do.” However, if you remind yourself what is important to you, what you treasure, what is good now, what you have to be grateful for … in that moment you will shift your energy, alter your future and empower yourself.
Being happy is a choice! It’s a conscious decision that you make at every moment. The good news is that you always have the future moment to make a shift. So, do what you like best, choose what makes you feel good and makes you happy …it will alter your life and the lives of those around you. Start creating your “Happiness Necklace” today, one precious pearl at a time.
So, what would you alter now? What pearls would you choose?


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