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"Cheers to you, Toni!"

By Caroline

This month I’d like to share an experience I recently had with a fabulous client because of what it provided for me, for her, and, ultimately, for the ones we encounter. It also is a testimony to the power of coaching.
Three weeks ago a woman called me to ask about coaching. She was a therapist in training who had just been dismissed from her doctoral internship because her superiors thought that, between work and her personal life, she was overloaded. My first reaction came from
my Gremlin, “Gnarl” (a gremlin is that little voice in your head that tries to stop you). It was screaming in my head, “Who are you kidding? You’re not good enough. You can’t do this. She is a pro. She knows so much more than you ever will. She will see right through you.” But, by now I know Gnarl pretty well, and I’ve tamed him many times before, so I took a deep, quiet breath, told Gnarl I didn’t need him right now because I absolutely could do this, and I took the appointment. Then, I argued and reasoned with myself, pumped myself up—a lot—by saying things to myself like, “She came to me. There are no accidents. I’m destined to provide her the help she needs. This is going to be fascinating.”
By the way, for the ones who have done the Energy Leadership work with me, you might recognize here the process of raising my energy level from a “negative” one to a “positive/constructive” one. And, for those of you who haven’t done it yet, you’re in for a treat, and, of course you want to do this! (check out the offer at the end…)
Then we met.
I had two sessions to give her the tools she needed for her appeal so she could be reinstated … only two! How was I going to do this? Instead of panicking under the pressure, I took my own coaching lessons, meditated, grounded myself in my values, and looked at the whole thing as a fabulous opportunity for her, for me, and for the people around us. We worked very hard for those two sessions (it helped that she is brilliant), and I was left flying high, full of passion and joy, knowing we were creating something great. Definitely my kind of work and life!

Well, she did it! WE did it! And I’ll say it … I did it! Because, as I always say, if we don’t accept credit for the work we do, we aren’t acknowledging ourselves and building on our successes, which means we limit our growth and waste opportunities. In taking my own coaching advice, I will take credit for providing her with great tools that, in turn, she can take credit for using so well and succeeding. I cannot express how very proud of her I am.
Another added benefit is that this opportunity reinforced how powerful coaching can be. Whenever in doubt, I will remember this and bolster myself by remembering this amazing experience. Coaching works … sometimes it surprises me how well it works … but it really does!
Now, here she is, sharing our story in her own words:

“Being faced with dismissal from a doctoral level internship, I contacted Caroline with the hope that she might help me clarify and articulate my career plans. She not only helped me achieve this immediate goal, she helped me define my values and understand why they are vital to my long-term success and happiness.
Caroline is very positive, energetic, and really knows how to help you empower yourself to achieve your goals. Working with Caroline has refueled my passion for my career, reestablished my confidence, and has shown me that happiness and success are attainable when you’re aligned with your values. Caroline’s coaching was integral to my ability to represent myself as a confident professional.” [Toni]

Thank you Toni for coming to my life, for trusting me, and for allowing me to make a difference in your life! I will never forget this experience. And Gnarl, I was good enough. Cheers!


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