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By Caroline

For many of us, this is a time of transition, and it can be hectic and challenging to deal with. It means new schedules to organize; new routines — or lack of a routine — to deal with; summer camps, play dates and vacations to figure out; all this while still working, taking care of the house and keeping the family in order. No wonder some of us are becoming testy…
So, while we go crazy learning how to juggle this new set of balls, this might be an important time to stay grounded and take care of ourselves.
Although my job as a coach isn’t to provide advice, I can’t resist temptation in the face of collective need, so here are some little tricks that might help you have an easy, breezy summer:

1/  Remember your core values and find ways to express each one daily. This will keep you grounded and enable you to experience freedom and joy. It will help you deal with your new challenges.
2/  Notice and be grateful for the good moments in your days, no matter how small. They represent the “Pearls of Joy” that make your “Happiness Necklace.”
3/  Create a schedule, make lists, put things down in writing … it will help keep you focused.
4/  Smile when you feel yourself start to tense up. It’s amazing how such a little thing can alter your mood. And have fun with your kids; after all, it’s summer, and for them it’s great to be on vacation!
5/  Breathe! Yes, when you feel panicked, overwhelmed, about to blow up, stop and take 3 slow, deep breaths. This will ground you and bring you instant relief. Then, remember your core values, find a way to express them then and there, and … smile!

Remember, you’re amazing, capable, and, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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