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By Caroline

Welcome back from summer and to a new school year! This time I won’t talk about the need to adjust to new schedules and routine … I prefer reflecting on my summer!
For three years now, we have gone to Naples, Florida, for a big part of our summer vacation. And, for three years, every time I tell someone, I get the same reaction of disbelief and the inevitable question: “Why? It must be so unbearably hot and humid down there. Why would you want to go to Florida in the summer?”
For three years now, I have been assuming that we had gotten lucky with the weather, that this particular summer was an exception, that this year we would pay for our mistake, etc. Obviously, so many people can’t be wrong, can they?
Well, what if this perception was just something people assumed, a limiting belief? What if we were right? What if summer in Naples was actually a dream come true?
Now, having spent three summers in Naples, I can say that the idea that “Florida in summer is crazy” is a misconception … as far as my experience in Naples goes. I have had the best three summers in years, enjoying warm (and yes, humid) weather, soft breezes, and amazing sea temperatures! And, for the fun of it, I can report that it often was hotter with the same level of humidity in Delaware!!!


So, this fall I decided to look at my attitudes and concepts and see where else I might find limiting beliefs. What am I assuming to be true? What can be challenged? It actually is proving to be quite fun — and enlightening :-)
What about you? What assumptions are you carrying around? What attitudes can you challenge? What limiting beliefs can you free yourself from? Have fun!

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