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Flowing down river!

By Caroline

Today, I would like to share a great experience with you. As you no doubt know, I always praise the importance of expressing our Core Values. By doing this, it creates a positive difference, allowing us to accomplish more with less effort … like flowing down river, instead of paddling against the current.

Here is my personal example.


My Core Values are Passion, Joy, Empowerment and Playfulness. A couple weeks ago I was getting ready for an upcoming business trip. In preparation, I meditated every day (a real success for me) and grounded myself in my Values as often as I remembered, while organizing for my absence. I did a lot of the little things I know work for me: exercising to ignite Passion and stay focused; choosing pretty flowers for the house and putting on music while I cooked for Joy; having coffee with a friend for Empowerment and more Joy; working with my awesome clients, which also provides Empowerment ; and playing and laughing with my daughter, husband and friends for Playfulness to be expressed. I also “cleaned up” my Integrity by making the phone calls I was putting off, organizing my desk, cleaning the house (I was very out of integrity there) and attending to other details that had piled up.

By the time I left for Florida to present my Energy Leadership™ workshop, I felt completely authentic, happy, energetic … and everything just clicked! Those few days were exactly like flowing down river. No effort or heaviness; just ease, fun and freedom. I purposefully stayed away from activities and conversations that brought my energy down to Level 2 (conflict). Although I was working a great deal, everything fell into place smoothly, and I experienced very high energy levels of 5, 6 and 7 (See Energy Leadership and the power of that tool at:

Passion was blazing with the work I presented; Empowerment was fully alive while talking with my clients; Playfulness was having fun all over the place; and Joy was beaming non-stop. Unexpected opportunities showed up, and I felt in perfect harmony with who I was. I was at peace, riding my wave … and the trip was fabulous. I would like to thank you all for this amazing trip. Let’s play again soon!

What are your Core Values? How do you express them on a daily basis? How do you align yourself with them? And for those who have done this with me, don’t forget your stickies :-)

So, how do you know when your Values are present, when you’re aligned? Well, if there is effort in what you’re doing, if it feels too hard or heavy, if you’re consistently experiencing a burden or a problem, then chances are your Values are not being honored. If they were, your life would feel lighter, you would feel lighter. It would feel like that flowing river, even in the face of life’s biggest challenges. It’s that simple. If you are authentic, who you’re meant to be, then things will start to fall effortlessly into place, in perfect harmony with who you are.

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