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By Caroline

Impossible? Not really. But, just how does one go about mastering his or her life?
I believe each of us can do many things well, but that there is one thing we all can truly master if we are dedicated – being who we truly are.  This is what I’ve been discussing in the previous two issues – discovering who you are at your core.

Each of us has a unique makeup. This makeup, at its core, is pure. When we tap into this core, our true self, we are able to discover what our real gift to the world is. When you realize this gift and share it, you can be considered a Self-Master.

   So, we are back to the question: How do we
   master our lives? We do this by    
  knowing who we truly are, embracing it, and
  expressing it in what we do and how
   we live.
Self-mastery allows us to live an abundant,
   fulfilled, joyous life and perform at our
   optimum energy level. It means that we are in
   self-control, without the need to control other
                        people or situations.

Once you discover and implement how to master your life, you become the cause rather than the effect of your circumstances. You will be amazed to find that the right people and opportunities seem to naturally gravitate to you. By choosing to live a life of self-mastery, you open yourself to the possibility of attracting all you could ever want in your life, with little effort … like floating downstream … all you have to do is enjoy the ride!
In upcoming issues we’ll examine obstacles that get in the way of discovering and sharing our true selves. One by one, we’ll identify these limitations and challenges and reveal them for what they are … gremlins that can be rendered powerless through awareness and self-mastery. My goal is to help you:
       · discover your unlimited potential;
       · transform and mold your world into all that you desire;
       · get in the canoe and enjoy the ride downstream!

It starts here...

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