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Welcome 2014!

By Caroline

"The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove to be loving and friendly and helpful in return. The world is what you are."
~ Thomas Dreier, Author ~
I will skip the usual talk about resolutions. As far as I’m concerned, resolutions, more often than not, leave you unfulfilled and feeling as though you failed if you don’t achieve them. Instead, I prefer focusing on positive thoughts and actions so I can live a life I love.
I offer this to you for reflection:
If your only job in life was to make yourself happy, what would you do differently? What behaviors and attitudes would you alter?
I believe this way of thinking is incredibly important, because according to the Law of Attraction,
“you attract that which you are.” (Chopra) This means your attitudes and behaviors will be reflected back to you. Have you ever had this experience? You’re feeling angry, stressed or frustrated, and everyone around you seems to be unpleasant, rude and short-tempered? What if you were to shift your attitude? Next time, try this. Take a deep breath, think good thoughts and smile. You will be surprised in the shift around you … your good mood will be contagious, and soon people will be smiling back at you! Life will occur in a completely different — and positive — way. Or, what about when you hear something negative, such as the news rehashing a bad event over and over again? Do you begin to feel gloomy and unhappy, with little motivation? And, what if you carry these emotions around with you? Nothing good happens under these circumstances. Negative thoughts and attitudes attract the same … and can suck you down. Replace the negative with positive thoughts, things that you are grateful for in your life. These attitudes will be reflected back to you, creating more joy. A smile attracts a smile.

We tend to focus on what’s wrong in life, and that’s as far as we get. Without changing our attitudes and/or taking positive action, nothing will change. If you want more satisfying relationships, start by creating one with yourself. If you want more love in your life, start by being love, exude a loving nature, and you will attract it.


So, for 2014, I will continue working on improving my way of being. I will focus on speaking positively and being a more respectful and understanding mom. I will strive to keep away from negative thoughts and behaviors and avoid participating in gossip. I will be grateful and mindful. I will put out what I want to receive back and shift my perspective to a positive state to raise my energy levels, thus creating more joy, peace and fulfillment in my life … because my job is to make myself happy, so I can spread that happiness and joy to others!

What will you focus on in this New Year? Whatever you decide, may you create an empowering 2014!

Happy New Year!
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