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By Caroline

I am having an epiphany. It all started a few months ago when I realized I needed to find a new and more progressive doctor, one that could integrate medicine, good common sense and listening skills, as well as being open to new ways of thinking and a more natural way to deal with issues. I don’t know when or how it happened, but I find myself shifting away from traditional medicine and aspiring to a more grounded and natural approach to life.

During this process I realized that I knew nothing about menopause, and yet I am probably close to entering it. So I bought some books and started reading. In only eight pages, Christiane Northrup (“The Wisdom of Menopause”) turned the light on inside my brain. I just started, but everything I read so far makes perfect sense.
My need to explore other medical avenues is normal at this age; what my clients are going through is equally perfectly logical; what I have been saying and doing in coaching also makes perfect sense now. It’s like the pieces of a puzzle, I didn’t even know was there, just clicked into place. I am amazed and thrilled.

In a nutshell, here is what I learned: First of all, before we hit menopause, we go through a transition period called perimenopause, which lasts about 10 years (roughly during our 40s) and it all starts here. We women are an amazing species … we go through a complex shift of hormones which creates a complete rewiring of our brains! How amazing is that? The result is that we evolve from the desire to cater to our families’ needs first (child rearing years) and crave to discover who we are and what we want to do next. It’s a time of creativity and a need to explore. It’s a time of healing and growth. And, from what I understand, the more we surrender and find quiet times to listen to ourselves, the easier we hear the messages our bodies and hearts send us, and the easier it is for us to navigate this shift. It’s the time during which most of us find our voice and start expressing ourselves!

So don’t worry, you’re not crazy and you’re not alone! Your mood swings, irritability, lack of patience, fatigue, loss of hair (I wondered why it was happening for years), drier skin, memory loss, etc., is all part of the process, all perfectly normal.

You might want to
start looking into who you truly are and what you’re dreaming of. Give yourself time to be alone and reflect. Meditation is a great thing to start at this time.  It will give you private time. It will ground you, and bring serenity and energy at the same time.  You can also come to me (alone or as a group) to start your discovery process and find your Core Values. This will help tremendously. It will give you the experience of freedom, joy and fulfillment. It will get you started on your journey!

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