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By Caroline

I often get asked how a partner can “change” if he/she doesn’t go through the coaching process. I always answer that it’s not necessary, that the change happens through the person being coached. It’s not about the other person, it’s about you, and it’s actually pretty simple.

As your perceptions shift, you start to adjust your ways of being and you start growing. When you do so,
it creates a space for the people around you to be able to shift, adjust and grow as well … without even noticing it! So your spouse may be more receptive and more caring just because you have made changes to your ways of thinking and being with him/her. You may be more grateful, listen better, be more loving and understanding, etc., so your partner is responding to you and your changes.
When you start working on yourself, you become more and more self-expressed (Core Values), you have more Love for yourself and thus, more Love to give. And
the more Love you give, the more you receive. Your relationships become much more fulfilling, as if by magic, and your partner starts to do more loving things in return.

I am always amazed to notice how this works, and believe me, I experience it in my life as well. My husband and I were acknowledging how our couple has grown and how it keeps getting better and better all the time.  The more I grow, the more space he has to expand himself. And the more I can share love, the more he gives it back to me. It feels effortless and joyous.
This is also true of your “energy.” The more you grow, the higher your energy levels get. And
the higher you resonate, the more you raise others’ energies, as well as attract the ones resonating at that higher level. It’s like being able to raise your personal stock market … the higher your energy levels are, the more opportunities are presented to you and the more effective and fulfilled you are in your life. (If you would like to know how your various energy levels are distributed and what that means in your life, take me up on my offer below.)
So, the recipe is simple:
Rediscover who you truly are, honor, forgive and love yourself, share yourself and that love with others, and you will receive it back multiplied. Keep growing and others will grow with you. You are the one!
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