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A Life Flowing With Ease And Freedom

By Caroline

Good morning and welcome to the first in my new series of newsletters. My intention is to create thought-provoking tools in order to help you enhance your personal growth. I hope that you find them useful and that they contribute to you living a passionate, purposeful, joyous and successful life. Enjoy!

For us busy parents, it is that time of the year again ... the kids are back in school. So now, whether you have a job outside the home or are a stay-at-home parent, it's all about learning to juggle again. It can even be fun and exciting! But for some, this might be a time when you start wondering who you truly are, what your purpose in life is, and what you really want to accomplish? In taking care of everything and everyone, you’ve lost track of yourself ... Does this sound familiar?
If this is where you find yourself, asking the following questions might spark a new beginning for you:

        1/   What are my top core values?
        2/   How well are these values expressed in my life?
        3/   How can I live each of these values more

A core value is a principle you live by, a way of being that drives you. When you are aligned with your core values, you are being authentically yourself and everything else falls into place and becomes easier, just like flowing down river. It is irresistible! The result is a sense of freedom, joy and empowerment.

Here is some of what was said about it:

"The core value exercise was extremely insightful and amazingly helpful. My husband found it instrumental in making a decision concerning the direction of his career." (Anne Laure)
If you would like some guidance in figuring all this out, I'm here to help:

Have a joyous day!

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