How to say "thanks but no thanks" to your gremlin!

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By Caroline

This month, we’ll discuss the last of the Big 4 energy blocks – gremlins. In the past few issues, we looked at limiting beliefs – things that you accept about life, yourself, your world, or the people in it, that limit you in some way; assumptions – expectations based on past experiences; and, interpretations – opinions and judgments you create about events, situations, people, or experiences that you believe to be true. If you’re not achieving your goals, it’s likely due to one of these four obstacles.
So, let’s address these gremlins. This block is often the hardest to overcome, because it is the most personal, and therefore, holds the most energy. Our gremlin is our inner critic. You know that little voice in your head…the one that tells you not to try, never take a risk, always take the safe road, and to compromise your dreams by playing small. That’s your gremlin, and the message it’s sending is that you’re just not good enough, smart enough, deserving enough to reach the summit of success.

Your gremlin is very personal; it is deeply rooted and carries the most intense emotional charge of any of the blocks we’ve explored. Your gremlin thrives on fear. When you hear it whisper, your motivation falters. You dread failing, feeling hurt, and being embarrassed. You may even be scared of succeeding, because how can you possibly maintain, or surpass, that level of success. That’s your gremlin talking.
So, what are some typical gremlin statements? Do you hear any of these comments from your inner critic?
I can’t do this…
I don’t have enough experience to run the project.
I’m not smart enough to get the job.
I don’t deserve a promotion.
I’m not worthy of a loving relationship.
They’re going to find out I’m a phony.
Being aware that your gremlin exists is the first step towards lessening its power. The next step is to give it an identity. Name it. Put a face on it – picture it in your mind, draw it, sculpt it. Make it real. In doing so, you’ll discover that your gremlin is only a small part of who you are, not your whole identity. It’s the timid, scared, unsure self, hiding in the shadows. Take it by the hand and invite it to work with you. Thank it for its cautionary views, but inform it that you are indeed capable of giving that speech, experienced enough to head the company’s new project, and deserving enough of a loving relationship.
The Big 4 hold you back from living the life you desire and prevent you from making conscious choices. The Energy Leadership process allows you to examine the energy blocks in your own life that are preventing you from reaching your unlimited potential. If you’d like more of an explanation of Energy Leadership coaching, contact me.

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