Gratitude and appreciation
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Happy 2015!

By Caroline

I would like to start 2015 with a message of gratitude and appreciation.

First of all, after returning from a family visit in Mexico City, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for how fortunate we are ... our nice, clean and comfortable life here in the United States. We take so much for granted … drinkable water and plenty of it, functioning toilets, easy trash collection, clean fruit and vegetables that don’t need to be disinfected, and, on a more personal note, the ability to go out by myself, to drive my car, to run my own business, to be a fully self-expressed and free woman. We have so much here to be thankful for, and it’s important to appreciate it.

I am also grateful for my lively, fun, generous and loving Mexican family. Their ability to laugh at silly issues and joke about more serious ones is inspiring. When we found ourselves — all 20 of us — in a house with no water for Christmas, no one minded: “We’ll just use paper goods.” And, when that meant that the same 20 people would have to use a toilet that couldn’t be flushed? “Bah, we’ll just use a bucket to flush it once everyone is gone.” Since this happened more than once during our visit, we just got used to it as well, and started to laugh with them. Handling issues with humor truly helps tackle life’s challenges with less stress and more ease. And that is true with bigger issues, too. I was reminded of the power of laughter!


 And lastly, I am impressed with my countrymen this week and am proud to be French. “I am Charlie!” When two terrorists acted in the name of hate, 3.7 million French people marched together in the name of love, freedom and peace! Now, that’s an amazing response: 3.7 million verses two!!! A flicker of hope for a shift in the world.

I’ll finish by saying that this year, instead of the usual — and often useless — resolutions, I am choosing a challenge and creating a sort of mantra to lead me along the way. For me 2015 will be about playing bigger, stretching, taking more risks, and applying this philosophy in all areas of my life.

What will you take on in 2015? What will your mantra be?

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