Limited Edition Fans Toys Dino Sever Pre-orders,
X-Transbots MX-II Eligos , BotCon 2015 Souvenir Sets!

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June 16, 2015

Fans Toys Limited Edition Dino Sever!

Ever since Fans Toys added Sever to its line of Iron Dibots, FT06 has been hugely anticipated. Now's your chance to get some special limited edition colors of Sever to add to your collection! 

Sever transforms from a Stegosaurus to a robot and back. FT06G is limited edition of 500 pieces and is a special red colored repaint of the popular toy. 

FT06D is a special diaclone-like repaint and is also limited to 500 pieces.

FT06X has a special metallic paint edition of the mold. Limited edition of 1000 pieces!

 X-Transbots - MX-II - Eligos 

Introducing X-Transbots MX-II Eligos, a sleek looking spacecraft that scales nicely with the MX-II Andras and Masterpiece figures. Eligos stands 28cm in height in robot mode. Collect all 4 boxes to combine and create a space battle scene of all XTB figures.

Early Bird Pre-order: Place your order by August 15th and Save $10!

BOTCon 2015 Souvenir Sets!

Can't make it to BotCon this year but want a souvenir set? Not to worry, we'll bring it back for you! These will be purchased direct at Botcon and factory sealed in a poly bag. Order yours today!

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