Adaptation in universities and colleges sector webinars now available
In order to help the universities and colleges sector get to grips with climate change, we partnered with the EAUC and AECOM to produce a series of adaptation webinars.

Recordings of three webinars – on the process of adaptation, Public Bodies Climate Change Reporting, and integrating adaptation into existing activities – are all now available to view on the EAUC’s website.
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Reflections on international knowledge exchange and climate change: Scotland and Malawi
Philip Revell, Chair of the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN), travelled to Malawi in March 2016 as part of an international knowledge and learning exchange. Visiting a Scottish Government climate justice funded project, Philip learnt first-hand about the climate change impacts affecting communities in Malawi. 

He shares his experiences in our Adaptation Scotland blog, reflecting on the common challenges and opportunities for SCCAN members to learn from and share experiences with communities in Malawi.
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Scottish News

New climate change development grants available for community-led organisations
The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund is inviting community-led organisations to apply for development grants of up to £1500. The grants are to be used to help communities develop an application for future climate action funding or to support peer-to-peer learning activities that build capacity to tackle climate change.

The next window for applications opens on 12 September, with three further monthly application windows in October, November and December.
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Scottish Government and COSLA agree new funding package for flood protection
The Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) have announced a £42million funding package for flood protection with an aim to safeguard 100,000 homes. The ten year agreement will be used to deliver 40 new flood protection schemes and support local flood risk management plans. 

Increased risk of flooding is one of the key challenges Scotland will face due to climate change, with winter storms causing over £700million in damage at the beginning of the year.
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Adaptation Sub-Committee sets out the most urgent risks to the UK from climate change
The Adaptation Sub-Committee has released its new UK Climate Change Risk Assessment warning urgent action is required across the country. Taking three years to compile and with input from hundreds of leading experts, the report warns that amongst the challenges Britain faces are flooding and coastal change, possible water shortages, and significant health risks caused by heatwaves.

The full UK report and a range of other useful resources are available from the link below. The Scotland specific summary is included in the Publications section of this newsletter.
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Reflections on the ASC Risk Assessment: the impact on UK infrastructure
In this article on The Conversation, Richard Dawson, lead author on the infrastructure strand of the Adaptation Sub-Committees new risk assessment gives his views on the challenges facing these critical services. 

With forty percent of UK power stations exposed to flooding, warmer weather threatening rail and road systems, and possible water shortages ahead. The article highlights the need to consider the ever increasing complexity of the infrastructure systems that underpin our modern lives.
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Met Office reports record breaking trends for the UK and the planet
The Met Office’s annual State of the Climate report reveals that 2015 was another record-breaking year. With the planet’s surface temperature now 1°C warmer than pre-industrial levels, climate change has reached a dangerous milestone. 

The data for the UK shows 2015 was the 7th wettest year on record and the 16th warmest, with 8 of the 10 warmest years occurring since 2002. Last December also claimed the twin title of warmest December on record for the UK and wettest month of any on record.
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International News
Clouds are heading for the poles, taking vital water with them
Climate scientists have widely predicted increasing global temperatures would push clouds systems, and the rain they hold, towards the poles. Now a new study in Nature has provided the first evidence for this phenomenon, known as Hadley Cell Expansion. 

With possible reductions in rainfall in mid-latitude regions, this could increase current water stresses on agriculture and food supplies for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.
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Events Diary
SMART Cities
24 Aug
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Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation
29-31 Aug
Bergen, Norway
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Infrastructure in Scotland - investment, delivery and planning
7 Sept
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Next steps for UK climate change adaptation:
Developing the 2017 Climate Change Risk Assessment
13 Sept
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Defeating the Invaders 
Conference on Invasive Non-Native Species

14 Sept
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European Environment Evaluators Network Forum:
Evaluation for better regulation in environment and climate policies
15-16 Sept
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Climate Week
16-23 Sept
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Community resilience & reducing climate disadvantage – policy synergies
20 Sept
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1.5 degrees: Meeting the challenges of the Paris Climate Agreement
Environmental Change Institute Conference
21-22 Sept
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Sustainable Health Scotland
22 Sept
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Adaptation and Resilience in the Built Environment
28 Sept 
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Sustainable Scotland Network Conference 2016
1 Nov
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