Showcasing adaptation
The second workshop for the Climate ready Biosphere project focussed on showcasing climate change adaptation in the region.

Illustrated by some fantastic case studies the participants got inspired by how local businesses and public agencies are making changes to the way they deliver their products and services to respond to a changing climate.
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Climate Ready Homes
The social housing sector has made great strides in providing quality homes that can cope with the impacts of variable Scottish weather. This includes cold winters, flooding, damp, wind-driven rain, storm damage, and, surprisingly often, over-heating.

However, the overwhelming majority of the housing stock has been designed for climate conditions prevalent at the time of build or to standards based on historic climate data. This is a challenge when the climate is already changing, and we are set to see much greater change in the future.

Dr Joseph Hagg, Adaptation Scotland Science Officer, spoke at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations Property Repairs and Asset Management Conference and provided an article for the Housing Scotland Magazine highlighting the importance of taking steps to ensure that homes are climate ready.
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Adapting infrastructure to climate change
Engineering, water and environmental management professionals are making a vital contribution towards increasing the resilience of infrastructure to the impacts of climate change. 

Our recent lecture session, run in partnership with the Institute of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, provided a summary of key climate information and adaptation responses, highlighted through the work by Scottish Water and Transport Scotland to the increase resilience of infrastructure systems.
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Scottish News
National resilience centre
Scotland’s efforts to become more resilient will get a boost from a new national centre in Dumfries.

The centre will coordinate work to understand how communities and local emergency responders can best prepare for the anticipated increase in extreme weather events as a result of climate change.
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ECCI celebrates first birthday
Over the last year The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation has hosted and welcomed more than 15,000 visitors and 300 events.

The innovative low carbon hub at High School Yards, which also houses Adaptation Scotland and Sniffer, is an award winning refurbishment project.
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UK News

Climate change an increasing threat to animal species
WWF has published their Living Planet report 2014, showing wildlife populations worldwide have declined by 52% since 1970.

The report points to climate change as one of the increasing threats to animlas world wide.

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UK News
Local adaptation to sea-level rise helped by prospect of social change
A new report from the University of Melbourne shows that the prospect of social change can be a powerful driver in adapting to see-level rise.

The report concludes that
developing a local adaptation pathway helps build consensus among diverse constituencies.
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Moving trees to help them adapt
Researchers at Cardiff University have found it would be possible to help move trees at the speed of climate change to help species adapt.

The models used looked at trees in temperate North America and concluded they would have to migrate north at a rate of about 350 meters per year as opposed to the 130 meters they are likely to migrate each year without help.

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Green investment in Asian cities to reduce disaster risk
As a result of large-scale natural disasters in recent years, there have been growing concerns over the protective measures needed, particularly with respect to energy and infrastructure systems within cities

A report proposes an insurance module with two pillars (prevention and insurance) as part of a multi-pillar adaptation fund.

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Events Diary
Nourish Conference 2014
Glasgow, 16-17 October
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SSN Conference 2014 - Talking Tactics
Edinburgh, 25 November
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Save the date:
European Climate Change Adaptation 2015
will take place in
Copenhagen 12-14 May 2015


2014 Call for LIFE Action Grants

The first call for action grants for the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action (2014-2020) is now open.

For further information, application forms and guidance documents
go directly to the call page.


World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation
The conference will take place in Manchester, 2-4 September 2015
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