Do you have an adaptation partnership project we could help with?
No-one can adapt to climate change on their own. That's why Adaptation Scotland supports organisations to work in partnership to build capacity and reach common adaptation goals. We are currently looking for an adaptation partnership project to support throughout 2016.

If you have an innovative, collaborative adaptation project you think we could help with we'd like to hear from you. Download the Project Proposal Form from our website using the link below to find out how Adaptation Scotland could help you.
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New Adaptation Learning Exchange workshop summary report launched
The second workshop report from the Adaptation Learning Exchange introductory programme is now available. In August, Adaptation Scotland ran a workshop focusing on communicating climate change adaptation. Jamie Clarke, Executive Director from the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN), introduced the principles of successful values-based climate communication and ran a seminar to help participants develop their own messages.

Guest speakers Mairi Davies (Historic Scotland) and Fiona MacLeod (The City of Edinburgh Council) explained how adaptation is being addressed within their organisations. Read the report and see presentations from the day on our workshop pages.
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Registration Open for Financing Adaptation Action Event: 29 October, Glasgow
Projects to adapt infrastructure and the built environment to the impacts of a changing climate need new finance mechanisms. This event, hosted jointly by Adaptation Scotland and ClimateXChange, will discuss the findings from a new report on how to improve access to alternative finance mechanisms and how to maximise the contribution of adaptation actions to the local economy.

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Scottish News
"It never rains but it pours" truer than ever in Scotland, new research shows
Patterns of rainfall across Scotland are undergoing significant changes in intensity and variability, a new study by the University of Warwick has shown. By reviewing 63 years’ worth of European rainfall data the researchers found some parts of Scotland have seen a 50% increase in the amount of precipitation on heavy rainfall days. 

The researchers hope this new information will help to guide local decisions on flood protection, water provision and agricultural planning.
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How will climate change impact on UK energy? Find out with ARCC and Heriot-Watt
The Adaptation and Resilience in a Changing Climate network (ARCC) and Heriot-Watt University will jointly host an event in Edinburgh this month to explore the affect of climate change on energy in the UK. As well as looking at the likely changes in energy demand for buildings and services, workshops will also focus on the challenges of generating, storing and delivering that energy.

The event is designed for those working in energy and energy-related sectors, highlighting how the latest research in the field might affect their work.
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Edinburgh bridging the gap between research and business with AIMDay on Risk & Resilience
One question, one hour, a group of academic experts - the AIMday format is a unique way for businesses to tap into the most cutting edge academic research. On the 27th of January 2016 the University of Edinburgh will host an AIMDay on the topic of Risk & Resilience, including sessions covering climate change risks.

Companies and organisations are invited to submit resilience challenges they are facing (including on climate change) prior to the event. On the day leading academics from across the university will present possible solutions, drawn from their research, and lead workshops on the most pressing questions.
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UK News

English health services' first adaptation report finds climate change already having an impact
Hot summer days are already impacting on hospital wards, while one-in-ten health care buildings in England are in flood-risk zones, a joint report by English health services has found.

The Adaptation Report for the Healthcare System 2015 is the first adaptation report submitted by NHS England, Public Health England and the Department of Health. As well as highlighting climate risks, the report emphasises the linked benefits to public health gained through effective adaptation action. Recommendations include ensuring climate change is included in risk registers and sharing information between services.
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Big risks to social housing stocks from flooding and overheating
Recent risk assessments by the UK’s largest social landlords have shown over 5 million people are at risk from flooding in England and Wales. Numbers are set to increase by 20% before 2035. Adaptation action is, however, underway, with 314,000 homes secured against flooding since 2012. 

The SHIFT Annual Review 2014/15 also highlights the growing risk of overheating, with an additional 90,000 at-risk homes identified. Recommendations include developing an industry standard on overheating to reduce risks to tenants and inform developers of future requirements.
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Flexible approach required to protect UK's marine environment from climate change
New research by the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) has recommended a flexible approached is needed to safeguard the UK's marine environment from changes in climate. The MCCIP's 2015 Report Card shows that while climate change is rarely explicitly considered in existing marine biodiversity legislation, in many cases mechanisms to address climate threats do already exist.

The report advises further research is required to identify the areas of the UK's marine environment most at risk and the actions needed to protect them.
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International News

Record global temperatures confirm climate projections
The Earth’s global average surface temperature is running at record levels in 2015, new research from the Met Office shows. The high temperatures being experienced globally confirm the forecasts issued by the Met Office in 2014 and suggest 2016 will be another year of record rise.

Recent changes have also been observed in global climate systems, such as El Nino, supporting projections of a return to rapid warming in the near term. 
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Events Diary
FCERM Green Infrastructure Forum 2015
6-7 October
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Water Scotland 2015
7 October
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SSN & EAUC Climate Change Reporting Workshop
7 October
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UK BCSD Innovation for Resilience and Adaptation Workshop
20 October
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Future delivery of energy in a changing climate: Risks and Solutions
22 October
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Sustainable Scotland Network Annual Conference
3 November
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World Forum on Natural Capital 2015
23-24 November
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Flood Resilient Communities:
Evaluating the Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder
2 Dec
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AIM Day: Risk and Resilience Edinburgh
27 Jan 2016
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Climate Resilient Communities Conference
28 Jan 2016
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Flood & Coast 2016:
Risk, Resilience & Response to Climate Change
23-25 February
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Adaptation Futures 2016
10-13 May 2016
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