October  28th  2011 -  The End of Time: NOW!.

  October 28, 2011

With resounding definiteness and heartfelt inspiration, Laarkmaa spoke on October 25 2011 (mp3 link) about the end of time for humanity.  Advising us not to focus on a Gregorian date but to feel the energies as they coalesce, they reminded us that our experience of the end of time will be determined for each of us by our own perceptions and choices.  The choices we make in each present moment determine how our next present moment arrives.  Laarkmaa spoke about humanity's finally finding peace by ridding ourselves of violence.  They explained in detail how we have become immune to the negativity of many choices we make in our lives, and how those choices have led us further into fear, separation, and violence.  (mp3 link - look for October 25Now that all energies are coming together in a multidimensional fashion, it is imperative that we use responsibility in choosing how we engage our own energies with the energies of life.
Laarkmaa reminded us that we are powerful beings who have a choice in our own evolution.  Explaining patiently that everything is energy, Laarkmaa told us that it is critical that we take responsibility for every thought, tone, word, and deed that we use NOW.  The Mayan Calendar period of experiencing energy sequentially in order to understand the flavor and the potency of each type of energy is now ending with the end of the calendar as we move beyond the third dimension into multidimensionality.  All energies will be present in a multidimensional world, and we will need to pay attention to which energy we choose in resonance with each moment of NOW.  We have all possibilities in front of us.  Our job is to STAY FULLY PRESENT AND RESPONSIBLE.  A dear friend of ours, Kent Noonan, said to us, "Being in the present moment is taking up all my time!"  What a wonderful way to understand that there is no time when we are completely focused on the now.  That's where we are now, at the end of the calendar, and we must adjust our perceptions accordingly.  With Laarkmaa's love and support, we (Cullen and Rebecca) go quietly into the ending of time, where all cycles of the Mayan Calendar merge into one, listening from our hearts and reaching out to yours.

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen

Here is a reminder of the levels where we have been since March and where we are going by the end of October:

1- Awareness; initiation of new beginnings
2- Understanding duality and separation, seeing everything as opposites
3- Creativity; opening to new possibilities
4- Understanding how to make a new foundation based on trust
5- Feeling change and knowing it is necessary for survival
6- Flowing with the changes
7- Recognizing that the veil is an illusion; all kingdoms are here and present
8- Connection and abundance; when we recognize our connection to all there is no need for competition
9- Harmony; learning to find harmony in opposites
10- Challenge, chaos, manifestation
11- Illumination; gaining clarity of where we have been and where we are going
12- Understanding our purpose and our destiny
13- Completion. We must manifest what comes next: NOW!


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