It was his intention to trade a few sword-thrusts in some place or another, and get the business over with.
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The Duel by Joseph Conrad

To celebrate the release of The Duel x 5 and the launch of our new HybridBook initiative we’re giving away ebooks of Joseph Conrad's The Duel. Until Sunday this exciting, swashbuckling thriller based on a true story about two of Napoleon’s soldiers is totally free.

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All eBook versions of the 5 titles in the Duel series come with extensive supplimentary materials we call Illuminations—highly curated text, maps, photographs and illustrations related to the original book. Conrad's Duel comes Illuminated with:
  • A selection from Napoleon's memoirs
  • "Dueling in France" from Sports and Pastimes magazine published in 1903
  • Studies of Conrad and the reception of The Duel when it was originally published
  • A historical account of the two soliders who inspired Conrad's The Duel
  • An instructive, illustrated, compilation of historical Dueling manuals called The Code Duello: A diverse Anthology for Personal Use
And much, much more all appended at the end of the original text.

Learn more about HybridBooks and the Illuminations series —HERE—

Poetry After 9/11

10th Anniversary Edition

This one’s special to all of us here at Melville House – it’s a reissue of the first book we published. When the 9/11 attacks occurred, our founders Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians were among the thousands of horrified eyewitnesses. With all the broadcast towers gone down with the Twin Towers, they went online to find out what was happening, and discovered a number of writers had written in to Dennis’ book blog, the legendary MobyLives, to tell of their own experiences, including quite a few poets.
Over the next few days, Dennis and Val came to realize that the stories those poems were telling about life in the aftermath were more important than the stories of vengeance playing out across the media. And thus, a book – and a company – was born.
Poetry After 9/11 includes poetry from some of the country’s most famous poets, and some amazing talent that was published herein for the first time. Poets such as Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Dunn, Alicia Ostriker, David Lehman and Jean Valentine all chime in to talk about the persistence of life and hope in New York City, no matter what.

Brand New Bigger Bartleby Bags!!!

Now with a longer strap and enough depth to hold a six-pack. The infamous bag is finally back and better than ever.

A random list of thing you can carry in the new, improved bag:
  • A good chunk of the Art of the Novella Series
  • A baby
  • A French Bulldog
  • Two cats (small) or eight to ten kittens
  • A bevy of pencils sharpened by David Rees
  • Probably about 20 Criterion DVD's (untested)
  • Diapers
  • A waffle iron
  • 33 lbs of wheat grain
  • Nine carpentry hammers and less than fifty nails
  • Sixteen flutes (standing vertically)
  • A lot of thimbles
  • Differing amounts of rocks, depending on size
  • Seven squirrels
  • Maybe eight, but it's dangerous
  • Twenty-four wiffle balls
  • Your old Nintendo with controllers, power cords and a few games
  • That other less literary bag you've had since junior high
  • Many, many bananas
  • Small - Average sized watermelon (untested)
  • A bust of Bach
  • Two baker's dozen donuts
  • One-hundred and fifty-three pirate patches
  • But only seventy-eight clown noses
  • I know, right?
  • Thirty-nine ice cream cones (single scoop)
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