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"National Philanthropy Day is celebrated annually on November 15th. This day signifies the importance of working together for the common good. Philanthropic deeds come in all different shapes and sizes — charitable giving, volunteering, etc. — and on National Philanthropy Day, no act of kindness goes unnoticed. This special day was first proclaimed November 15 as National Philanthropy Day in 1986, and communities all throughout the world have celebrated the importance of this occasion ever since." (National Today)

According to Nonprofit Source giving statistics Americans gave $410 billion to nonprofits in 2017.

  • 31% of donors give to organizations outside the U.S.
  • 41% give in response to natural disasters. 
  • 40% of Millennial donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. 
  • 46% of Millennial donors give to crowdfunding campaigns. 
  • 49% of Gen X donors are enrolled in monthly giving programs. 
  • 49% of Baby Boomer donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program.
  • 63 million Americans, 25% of the adult population, volunteer their time, talents and energy to making a difference.

Tomorrow is a special day and we should all celebrate.  Below are 10 fun ways you can celebrate National Philanthropy Day:

  1. Make a donation, large or small, to your favorite nonprofit.
  2. Think of someone close to you and make a gift in their name.
  3. Join a crowd-sourced giving movement.
  4. Give Klout on Twitter.
  5. Donate a tweet.
  6. Look up an old coach, teacher, mentor you haven’t talked to in a while and thank them.
  7. Perform a random act of kindness.
  8. Teach someone the joy of giving.
  9. Increase your household budget directed towards giving.
  10. Give anonymously.

Happy National Philanthropy Day!

Please email April at with any comments or questions. 

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