Interpreter Success Stories: Francisca
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Dear Friends, 

We are excited to present to you "The Interpreter Success Stories" - a series of newsletters in which we will share the stories of some MCIS interpreters who have shown great professionalism, attitude, dedication, and passion for the language industry.

The interpreters featured in our newsletters have started their career with the MCIS Language Interpreter Training Program and have continued on to become: accredited court interpreters, conference interpreters, facilitators, professors, authors, and much more. 

We hope that their personal stories will inspire you, excite you and motivate you.

This week we are sharing with you Francisca's story.

We hope you enjoy it.

Best Wishes
MCIS Training Team
 French Interpreter

"when I am interpreting, I am adding value to the lives of people... I might be saving the lives of some abused women due to domestic violence"
Tell us your story.
My background is transcultural: my father late Dr. Simon Epale came from Cameroon, while my mother late Tessa Epale came from Jamaica.  I came to Canada in 2001 from the United States of America, and in 2013, I enrolled in the MCIS Interpreter Training Program and became a certified French interpreter. After working for one year as an interpreter, I took a one year leave of absence to teach English in China. While I was in Asia, the roles were reversed: I became the client, and I needed a Chinese interpreter. My stay in China was so impactful that a book of mine is forthcoming entitled: “The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom.”
How did the MCIS training help you in your career?
The MCIS training was an important milestone because when I registered with other agencies, and they noticed from my resume that I was trained from MCIS, some of them waived their interviews! The MCIS training equipped me with following qualities:  an extremely good listener; extensive vocabulary in the source and target languages; coping with stress and self-control when dealing with difficult speakers; showing emotional resilience; having excellent sensory, motor and cognitive skills.
What is the favorite part of working as an interpreter?
As a John Maxwell Certified coach, teacher and speaker, when I am interpreting, I am adding value to the lives of people. For example I might be saving the lives of some abused women due to domestic violence. Interpreting is also a learning process;  for example, I was hired to interpret for twelve sessions for a support group for men which allowed me to learn new concepts from the workshop.

Francisca, French Interpreter
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