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Anti-choice legislators want to put EVERYONE in jail...

State legislative season has started, and once again red states show us that when it comes to abortion, there is no restriction they won’t try to put in place.
An alarming number of states have decided the time is ripe for “abortion is murder” bills, and unlike previous laws to make abortion completely illegal, these are written to put the pregnant person in jail as well as whoever helps that person terminate a pregnancy. These “jail a pregnant person” bills are being heard in Arizona, North Dakota and Oklahoma so far (Oklahoma, thankfully, has rejected theirs already), and Mississippi’s version has the added benefit of making it a felony to so much as even MENTION abortion, or talk about how it can be accomplished, such as giving a person written information regarding where pills can be found or how to take them, or even verbally providing that info.
And yes, that would make organizations like us illegal.
If these bills pass, it’s hard to know what the Supreme Court will decide to do – they should be clear violations of the right to privacy as well as free speech. But this is the Trump court, and all bets are off. Besides, we’ve already seen free speech whittled away in abortion restrictions through mandatory “informed consent” bills where doctors are forced to tell patients lies about abortion causing breast cancer, or that having a termination will increase your risk for suicide. Or how providers are forced in many states to verbally and in great detail explain the images on an ultrasound to a patient ending a pregnancy – whether that patient wants to hear it or not.
And we can’t forget the push to have clinics tell patients that having a medication abortion is a process that can be “reversed,” even though there is no medical proof that such a reversal procedure actually works. That’s the newest bill that we are facing here in Alabama, and one that we pledge to fight. No patient should be presented false medical information when exercising their right to a constitutionally-protected abortion.
During this 2021 legislative session we will fight to keep abortion restrictions out of our state. And we will also be working closely with our allies in Mississippi to keep their aggressively harmful “abortion is murder law” off the books, as well as with our cohorts in Florida to help them defeat a 20-week abortion ban introduced there, too.
When it comes to the South, our liberty is in each other’s hands. If we don’t support each other, they will cut us down one by one.

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