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* A Message from EPA President Silvana Galderisi


* 1-4 April 2017 (Florence, Italy)
25th European Congress of Psychiatry
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Distinguished Colleagues, Dear EPA Members,

As of January 1st, I have started my mandate as EPA President.

The European Psychiatric Association is nowadays an important reference point for all those interested in promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and improving treatment and rehabilitation of affected persons. EPA activities are aimed at reaffirming the identity of Psychiatry as a unified discipline, in which the different approaches to the study of mental health and of mental disorders are regarded as complementary and not mutually exclusive. EPA congresses, summer schools, training courses and publications testify that the range of educational and scientific activities within the EPA is wide and inclusive, and goes from Psychotherapy to Psychopharmacology, from Philosophy to Neuroimaging, and from Child to Old Age Psychiatry, just to provide a few examples.
I’ll do my best to preserve and promote this identity in all relevant national and international contexts.

During my presidency, the EPA will systematically pursue a strategy aimed at promoting partnerships, disseminating best practices, and fully integrating mental health into European health policies. With its 40 National Society/Association members, 21 scientific Sections, and more than 2,500 individual members, the EPA is prepared to provide timely input on debated mental health issues to policy makers, scientists and trainers, as well as contribute to the harmonization of mental health care and training in Europe.

The transition process of the EPA, from a scientific association of individual members to a more complex entity, which includes both individual members and National Psychiatric Societies/Associations (NPAs), is advancing but needs further development to accomplish a more systematic involvement of all NPAs in the EPA activities. To this aim, I will work together with the EPA Board, Council of NPAs, EPA Sections and Committees to identify and address specific national or regional needs, such as gaps in training and professional standards or scarce access to documents, initiatives and funding opportunities of European Institutions.

In line with my predecessors, I will stimulate and value the input of the Early Career Psychiatrists in EPA activities. They are the present and the future of our association and their active participation is crucial to achieve the goals of my Presidency.

With your trust and support, I will serve as President with dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit.
Hoping to see you all in Florence at the 25th EPA Congress, I wish you a great 2017.

Silvana Galderisi
EPA President

About Silvana Galderisi

Silvana Galderisi MD, PhD is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the training school in Psychiatry at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in Naples, Italy, as well as Director of the Emergency Unit within its Department of Mental Health.

Her research activity has focused on Schizophrenia pathophysiology, treatment and outcome, with particular reference to the domains of cognition and negative symptoms and their impact on psychosocial outcome.

Her mandate as EPA President will run from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2018.

Read her full biography here.
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