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Lady RIBI President and now Lady District Governor District 1100 both are firsts!

The times they are a changing

A new era dawns for District 1100.

Jan Harris has taken up the challenge of leading District 1100 for the next Rotary Year. I am sure that all members and friends wish her a busy, exciting and fun year leading her team. Our first lady District Governor is lead by the first lady President of RIBI, Nan McCreadie. Nan's handover was different, a very relaxed and fun affair. I am sure we all look forward to these ladies leading Rotarians into the 21st Century.

There are 350 food banks in the UK and the number is growing with a greater demand

In this district there are food banks run by the Trussel Trust in all the major cities and towns. Many clubs across our District collect food for their local food bank at their meetings. If you club is not doing this it might be something you would like to think about. The Trussel Trust has been selected by the RIBI Community Team as one of their dedicated charities for this Rotary year.
Last weekend they managed collections out side Tesco Stores and many Rotary Clubs were represented helping make the collections. One Club reported to us that they had filled 5 trolleys in just a couple of hours. The Trussel Trust wishes to thank all the Rotary Clubs who helped and are making weekly contributions and also the people who made such valuable contributions last Saturday.

To learn more about the trust click here...   Follow them on Facebook at...

A real community project.

Chepstow Rotary Club held a Summer Concert and where better to present the event than Chepstow Castle. Quite a few performances from local groups with an opening from The Buglers of 1st Battalion the Rifles.
The picture above show the children of Thornwell  Primary School doing their stuff. 
People in the community in Chepstow got a real understanding of Rotary, "We're for Communities"
Well done Chepstow.
Please let us know of your Club work in the community so we can share it click here to E-Mail the Editor.

District Restructuring/Redistricting

In reply to a recent query on the above the RIBI Chair of Membership Development and Retention replied as follows:
The GC (November 2012) voted to pass Phase Two into the hands of the MDR Committee. As Chair of that committee, I then had the task of fulfilling the GC's instructions. My team and I reviewed all the feedback from phase one and the biggest criticism was that Clubs were not informed/consulted effectively and that decisions were rushed. A project plan for District Restructuring was given to GC (February 2013) showing a timeline running through December 2014 and including a full consultation of clubs. The consultation process is not to tell a story to clubs, but to hear their views on what matters to them in regard to their position within a District. 

District Restructuring is about more than where lines are drawn on maps, it is about the way we operate - are we effective, are we efficient and are we relevant? So many times we hear Rotarians separate themselves and their club from District, RIBI and even RI. Surely intellectually, Rotarians know their Club is part of a global network of Rotary Clubs and that as such there is structure and form to help them serve communities in the best way possible 

I would encourage all Clubs to be represented at the Facilitated Consultation events to ensure we have the best opportunity to evolve Rotary in GB&I according to the democratic processes that we all believe in. I have been told to 'get on and do it' by some, but how would a top down approach work. relationships with surrounding Clubs etc.

The complete reply from Amanda can be read by clicking here......

Global Grants  Wanted 
D1100 Clubs to help towards funding Global grants, as follows:

1.  Sangsabu School, Nepal. We need to raise about £7,700 from Clubs to rebuild this earthquake-damaged school; of that sum £2,000 has already been pledged.
Please invite Tim Mitchell (Bristol Northwest) to speak at your Club; his contact details are: (0117) 962-8886;

2. Mbabzi Clinic, Lilongwe, malawi. To improve the delivery room at this health clinic ( which serves between 600+800 patients a day) we need to raise about £10,000, of which £2,200 is already pledged. Please invite Celia gardner ( Worcester Vigornia) to speak at your Club;
her details are: )01905 353 819;

Lend with Care, micro-lending.
Lending is the new form of giving!
Lend as little or as much as your Club,or individual members wish.
The D1100 group is on Or contact
Jill Johnston (D1100eClub0: contact details are: (0117)974-5374;  



We have a New Member Drive

The chair of RIBI Membership Development and Retention has challenged members to recruit 100,000 new members between now and 2015. Are you and your Club up for the challenge?

Only 1 new member reported since the last Newsletter they have the pleaseure of being the only one mentioned:

Cotswold Tyndale: Tony Hastings.

Hereford Marches: Mark Sykes, Lesley Davies and Astral Shone.

Stroud: Anne Stevens

Thornbury: Paul Glover and Peter Taylor

Worcester Severn: Howard Painter.

District 1100eClub is now over 40 members and Bristol Breakfast purports to be the biggest club in the District with 60 members unless of course you can tell us different.

If your club has inducted a new member recently please let the eNewsletter editor know.

It's a problem and we can help solve it.

Getting speakers week in and week out can be a bit of a struggle so the Marketing Team in District 1100 will help. We will publish the speakers who have been reported to us as being good and different but not only that we will build a list on the District Website and will add the recommending club.
First on the list reported to us is

"Do you need a speaker? Clevedon Yeo's Steve Molloy was one of the key staff on the security operation at the Glastonbury Festival this year. If your club would like him to talk please contact him at . There is a donation required for his services to his nominated charity Meningitis UK'

If you have a recommendation then please get in touch with the team at ...........

Please keep up the good work

The reported cases are dropping but there is still work to do, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged $2 for every $1 donated by Rotary up to $35million a year for the next 5 years. So there is a challenge and we can't let it go.

The author of a new and informative book about polio which has been extensively researched Professor Gareth Williams will be interviewed in the Rotary Show this coming Wednesday between 1 and 2

We know Rotary has been doing the work for many years now but we can't and we must not give up until the job is done. No cases by 2015 and eradication by 2018. We know we can do it.

If you or your club has a polio fund raising story or even a story about polio please get in touch with us we would like you to share it.
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