District 1100 eNewsletter #25

District membership we believe is currently 2,123.

This is thought to be the highest level since 1997. 

At a time when overall membership of Rotary is declining this is brilliant. 

Many thanks and congratulations to every Club that has worked so hard to recruit and retain members, to Sue Fitzjohn for leading on Membership and Chris Fairhead for doing so well with Extension.

Let's all recommit ourselves to spreading the word about Rotary, forming new Clubs, inviting people we know to join and striving to keep existing members motivated and on board.  We can then keep up this growth so that in 2013 we can proudly announce yet another high. 


Anthony Kwan has joined Bristol and Ian Robinson Swindon Thamesdown

Hereford has welcomed Lucy Long, Sandra Montague and Matt Hayes.

Stewart Donald and Nigel Rimell are now members of Keynsham.

Ross on Wye now have Kate Kerry as a member and Bob Roberts has joined Severn Vale.

Great to be able to have them all as Rotarians.

Please tell us your good news about membership. We want to share your successes and what is working.


To mark his voluntary services to the community, Terry Williams of Swindon North has been named Highworth Citizen of the Year.

In February, Terry lived for seven days and nights in a ShelterBox emergency tent in the Market Place, Highworth raising £8,800 for ShelterBox.

Don't forget that applications to lead the Group Study Exchange Team to South Eastern North Carolina in the USA from 6th April to 4th May 2013 close on 31 July.

    close We will then be looking for young professional team members aged between 25 and 40.


As I pack my bags and saddle the horse to ride off into the sunset, a few words of appreciation for all the support and help that I have received from across District 1100 in this Rotary year as District Governor. When I set out a year ago to do things in an alternative way I expected resistance, criticism and some outright opposition. But I have faced none of these. Instead there has been a willingness to embrace change, an enthusiasm to look critically at the traditions in Rotary clubs and to try something different.
So I thank all Rotarians in the District not only for their amazing service to the community in all that you do in your clubs but also for putting up with me and my "off the wall" ideas and even adapting some of them for your own purposes.
We have two new clubs in the District (there have been only six in RIBI this year), we have two new Interact clubs as well, Your Green Future took place in Bristol, there has been a large amount of collaboration and clubs working together, we have established that we can mount a Festival of Rotary (even in the rain!!) and we have achieved a great deal of coverage in the press amongst many other things.
My time is up. the music is starting to play as the credits roll and the horse is getting fidgety. So I wish you all well in the coming year under the very competent leadership of David Houghton and remember - "If its going to be, its up to me".


Clubs throughout the District have really supported DG Martin's key environmental projects.

Your Green Future careers conference in Bristol was another great success. Rotarians have been key catalysts in developing and expanding this super initiative.
Plans are developing for events in 2013 in Bristol, The Midlands and Reading.

The briquette project appealed to 24 Clubs across District. Club's seemed to like the low cost and high impact: combined with the benefits of working together 
Funds have been collected to complete  57 installations benefiting 81 schools or youth groups in Kenya.

Many congratulations to Bob Gower, his team and every Club involved.



Founder Newent Interact President Theo led 15 founder Club members, Governors from Newent School, DG Martin, the Mayor and members of Newent Club to plant a tree to mark the formation of their new Club.

A group from the Club is going to Kenya for 2 weeks in July to work on the St Georges School, Kisumu,  supported by Rotary.
We wish this new Club well.


9 Clubs have committed themselves to this project which aims to transform extremely poor school communities in the Zambezi valley area of Zimbabwe by providing them with wells and nutrition gardens.

With a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation we hope that shortly this will provide 9 wells and gardens helping some 4,500 people.

This is a fabulous achievement. Well done to Bill Parnell and all the Clubs involved.  


Sponsored by Hereford, a new Interact Club has recently been chartered at the Hereford Academy.

The members have lots of exciting plans for the future and so it looks like it will be a great success.

Congratulations to them and all the Rotarians who worked so hard to make this happen.

The end of course Presentation & Pig Roast for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards course is always a treat.

This year's will be held on 29 July at 5pm at Viney Hill in the Royal Forest of Dean.

Tickets at £7.70 are available from RLYA Chair Alan Martin. Bookings required by 21 July please.
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